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Who is Mamanista?

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Mamanista is dedicated to bringing you the fabulously chic and irresistibly practical. We shop around and compare products for the hip mama on a budget. Tirelessly surfing the web, we link you to the latest celebrity mama gossip, mamarific news, and mamatastic updates.

Waiting for baby to arrive, Mama-to-Be searches for balance, a meaningful career, and nothing short of total fulfillment.

Mama Luxe
Baby Diva’s personal shopper and loyal sidekick. Former teacher, part time writer, full time mama. Read more about Mama Luxe at Mama Saga.

Baby Diva
Party baby, supermodel, internet celebrity, and product tester extraordinaire. Mama Luxe and Super Dad’s little diva. Read more about Baby Diva at Mama Saga.

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