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Friday Playgroup – April 20

Mamanista enjoys going on playdates and making new friends:

Keep trying to make those real connections, it only takes one! (Straight from the Bottle)

In a very special Mom-101, Thalia is tempted by the drug that is Barbie: Mama Luxe used to cut the hair off of all her Barbies so they would look more like GI Joe

Alternadad has some Baby Music advice: What if Mama Luxe never had Indie Street Cred?

LA Daddy has a great birthday party idea for parents on a budget: I know this was last week, but I just saw it on Busy Mommy and could not resist!

Crank Mama is ready for her playdate: That’s Mama Luxe’s kind of playdate!

Mission Impossible: Ill-timed toddler bathroom breaks: so this is what Mama Luxe can look forward to? (Crunchy Carpets)

What to expect when you are expecting to breastfeed: All the Mamas-to-Be should check this one out (Mama Knows Breast)

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  1. Mom101 says:

    Thanks for the link! And fwiw, I didn’t really cut my barbies’ hair but I did dye them all with green food coloring. Tres chic.

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