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Mother’s Day Photo Gifts

Super Dad is a loving, thoughtful Daddy and husband. But, like many Dads, he’s, well, how do I say this? …a man.

Last month I casually let Super Dad know that, come Mother’s Day, despite Baby Diva’s inability to actually select a gift on her own, I would be expecting a Mother’s Day present.

Super Dad’s response was, “When is Mother’s Day?”

The temptation to abuse my power is strong…I could use Mamanista to drop Super Dad not-so-subtle-hints about what I would like for Mother’s Day (which is May 13, for those who have not noticed).

For example, I could point out that Baby Diva’s most recent birthday shot would look terribly cute on Shutterfly’s fabulous new personalized photo gifts, like this key chain. Or that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, Ghiardelli Chocolate. Come to think of it, so does Granny.

Shutterfly has the usual tried and true photo calendars and shirts, and they also have new ideas, such as a snazzy photo purse or a desk organizer.

For the resident Mama card sharks, or for Do-Ahead-Divas getting ready for Father’s Day, the Playing Cards are useful and adorable when personalized with your sweetie.

Long-time Shutterfly members like Mama Luxe can check out our sidebar and Coupon Page for the latest deals and new members should take advantage of this special offer:

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