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A Safer Way to Bathe Baby

When I placed Baby Diva in her first bath, I was so excited. “She’ll love this,” I thought. The screeching that followed was as disappointing as it was earsplitting. Dutifully, I washed Baby Diva every few days, but it was an unpleasant experience for both of us.

Then, one day, the Safer Bather along with some other bath-time accessories arrived. I had forgotten that I had registered for it but I am sure glad I did! That night, I filled the tub and added the Safer Bather cushion inside, instead of the hammock that had come with the baby tub. I gently placed Baby Diva on the cushion and…she was comfortable, safe, and happy!

Baby Diva Bathing Safe and Happy Here is Baby Diva enjoying her bath at four weeks old. This cushion can be used on a flat surface for sponge baths, in a baby tub, or in an adult tub. The head end of the cushion is slightly raised, keeping baby’s ears out of the water. The Safer Bather comes with a removable hook so you can just hang it up in your shower or bath and it is absolutely dry and ready to use again the next day. Super light and quick drying–perfect for home and for trips to Grandma’s.

Now, bath-time is a daily occurrence at our house–part of Baby Diva’s calming bedtime routine. The Safer Bather is definitely a Mamanista “Mama Gotta Have.”

Safer Bather by Leachco
Available at: Babies R Us $14.99 (TOP PRICE); $15.75; Target $18.50

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