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Friday Playgroup: May 25

A Summer Reading List…

Two: What a beautiful gift, just the right color and always the perfect size. (GGC)

Code Brown the Solid Remix: Why is it so much funnier when he writes it than when I live it? (Baby Daddy)

The Eight Types of Playground Parents: Uh, oh, I think I’m Crazy PTA Lady (MetroDad)

The Other Side of Awesome: It is just as awesome the second time around (Mom-101)

Dear Wasp Who Stung My Son Last Week: Insects should know not to mess with someone who calls herself Queen of the Bad Mommies

Just Like A Boy: I just love her photos! (Slurping Life)

2006 Baby Name Pool: Meet the Champions: Looking at the new stats, all of my top picks for Baby Diva’s name, including the one we actually chose, are rising out of obscurity. Uh, oh, I tapped into the zeitgeist.

Also, over at Mama Saga, I would like to have a Father’s Day Button Blogroll…if you are a Daddy Blogger or know a Dad who Blogs, please let me know if they would like to be on the Button Roll.

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  1. Money for Military says:

    I’m a father and a blogger. Can you add me to your blogroll? I will add this site to yours. Thanks.

  2. melody says:

    Thanks for much for inclusion in the playgroup. I’m still soaking in all you have to offer here. Great place.

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