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Friday Playgroup: June 15, 2007

White Picket Fences: Vicky, thank you for putting this into words. I think a lot of us secretly judge our own lifestyles because we internalize the negative stereotypes of suburban moms. (The Mummy Chronicles)

Reading Between the Milestones: I’m tempted to send this post to some competimommies who take every developmental milestone so seriously. Seriously…I don’t care if your baby lifted her head for the first time “early” according to the milestone charts. Here’s to celebrating the “firsts in between those firsts” instead. (Mom-101)

Still No Word: Looking at those beautiful pictures, I have no doubt that Archer IS perfect. And he’s lucky to have such a loving mother. (Girl’s Gone Child)

What’s Cooking Grandma: I wish I’d had the opportunity to film my grandmother cooking before she passed away. When I make her special recipes, it’s like being with her again. Get your own grandma or mom to film your favorite recipes before it’s too late.

Coconut Macadamia Cookies: The What’s Cooking Grandma site put me in the mood for some homemade goodies, so I tried this recipe. Yum! Scribbit posts a new recipe every Sunday, so I’ll be going back for more. (Scribbit)

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  1. Scribbit says:

    Glad you liked the recipe, they’re totally easy. I could make them in my sleep :)

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