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Friday Playgroup: June 29, 2007

In the summertime, a Parent Blogger’s mind turns to…

When babies spread their wings and take Flight. Sigh. (Her Bad Mother)

Did I REALLY Just Say That? Personally I prefer the UPS guy. Something about those shorts. (IzzyMom)

BusyMom answers your questions about Single Sex Education.

Her “ass is hungry“. Did I just type that? Mine is, too, and it IS my own fault. (The Mummy Chronicles)

Men Are the New Sea Monkeys: Well, that’s a new take… (Suburban Oblivion)

My Label Maker is Broken: Label files, not people. (Megan of Velveteen Mind guest blogging on Plane Jane Mom)

Clare has been doing some reading and she has some questions… (Clare’s Dad)

Christy at Christy’s Coffee Break, one of our newest favorite places to visit, passed along the Rockin’ Girl Blogger Award to us.

Since girls do, in fact, rock, and the award is a violently bright pink hue, we are happy to in turn award this fine button to some of the most rocking girl bloggers we know.

1. Veronique at Little Elephants
2. PHAT Mommy
3. Plain Jane Mom
4. Mod*Mom
5. Suburban Oblivion

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8 Responses to "Friday Playgroup: June 29, 2007"

  1. Anonymous says:

    My a$$ is always hungry when i’m at work. and i’m always at work. hence, i am suffering from a case of lawyer a$$ spread. sigh.

  2. Veronique says:

    Yay! I love that rockin’ fuscia!

  3. modmom says:

    thank you mamanista mamaluxe!
    i’m adding you to my mod*pals blogroll

  4. Erika, Plain Jane Mom says:

    Thanks for the double-mention!

    And I’m glad you liked the Label Maker post, but while it did appear on my site, it was a guest post by the fabulous Megan of Velveteen Mind!

  5. Izzy says:

    Thanks for the linky love, Mamaluxe!


  6. Shannon says:

    Sweet! I didn’t see this until now (I’m a little behind since I had surgery last week) so THANKS!

  7. Manual says:

    Really informative weblog. Truly thank you! Amazing.

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