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Friday Playgroup: June 8

The Freedom of Motherhood: Meditate on the Meaningful aspects of Motherhood…not technically a blog, but Jamie Lee is such an inspiring writer that you have to check her out…and convince her to start a a blog.

Nymbler: It’s like Google for baby-name research. Choose a few names that appeal to you, and Nymber will suggest additional names that fit your style.

sk*rt: I’m digging this social network for women. Browsing for a few minutes, I found cool product recs, parenting tips and more. And, as long as you’re checking out sk*rt, please vote for Mama Luxe’s article.

In Memphis to See About a Girl: This post motivated me to make an appointment to get tested as a bone marrow donor. (Girl’s Gone Child)

Diaper Change in the Sky: How do you change a dirty diaper on a crowded airplane? Do you have any tips? (Dirty Diaper Diaries)

Making Natural Dyes: More craftiness from one of our favorite bloggers. (Little Elephants)

Our Antiquated School System: Normally, our Friday Playgroup posts are brief, but PHAT Mommy has a link to a post by Steve Olson that I feel compelled to comment on. He writes:

“My wife is a beautiful, capable, intelligent, self-confident, ambitious, entrepreneurial woman. She had all these qualities as a child as well. During her senior year of high school, she spent her lunch hour hiding in a bathroom stall. She didn’t eat lunch for a year. Why? Because no one sat with her in the lunchroom and sitting alone in a bathroom stall ashamed and frightened was better than public humiliation. Don’t think that she is an isolated case, she isn’t. I just stumbled across this last week.”

Powerful, isn’t it? Reading this post and seeing that picture bring back painful memories of bullying I experienced personally and also witnessed inflicted on others. Every child has the right to feel safe in school, and there are things parents can do to help. (PHAT Mommy)

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