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Piperlime Shoe Sale and Coupon Code!

Since Baby Diva is almost a year old, I am starting to look around at shoes. And, since I’m shopping for Baby Diva, how about Mama Luxe, too? Just in time, there is a great Piperlime 2 Day Sale, 7/31 and 8/1! Enter EXTRASALE code at checkout to get an additional 15% off sale items. Piperlime is a fresh online shoe shop from Gap Inc. with free shipping and returns. During the summer Baby Diva … Read entire article »

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Find a Reliable Babysitter: Sittercity

When you are busy, it is tough to find time for yourself, your friends, your spouse… Over here, we’ve been busy house hunting and settling into a new community. I would like to start volunteering more actively again, but my husband’s work schedule is very up in the air. Since we’re buying a house, it would also be great if I could work a few more hours a week. My husband reminded me that we have a Sittercity subscription–and it is easy and inexpensive to add another zip code. Once I do, I can locate, interview, and run a background check on suitable babysitting candidates. Sittercity allows me to sort sitters by their qualifications, calculate a fair rate, and view stored background checks or run my own. … Read entire article »

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Cute, Personalized Children’s Songs from Name Your Tune

Name Your Tune is a special, sweet gift for any child in your life. ***NEW*** Scroll down for a coupon code and contest! Baby Diva enjoys hearing her name on Name Your Tune, a CD of personalized songs just for your child. I got a real kick out of seeing her look of surprise the first time the CD player sang out her name. Children need to know that they are cherished–and hearing her name as part of her favorite songs will delight your child. When we received the compilation, Baby Diva’s Dad joked that it would sound awkwardly digitized, ala the gift in the episode of The Simpsons, in which Lisa realizes Homer knows nothing about her. Actually, nothing could be farther from the truth–each name is recorded individually by … Read entire article »

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You’re a Winner at Mamanista!!!

Congratulations to the following winners of Mamanista’s contests: ParkerG Contest (ParkerG Chic Baby Sunglasses): Christine from California + Billie from Arkansas Slummy Mummy Contest: aBookworm Wee Gallery Contest: Debbie from Georgia Didn’t win??? Check out more contests here: Remember to leave a valid way to contact you and to put mamanista at gmail dot com on your e-mail safe list so we can let you know if you won! ***Heart Healthy Birthday Contest***Donate to the American Heart Association and spread the … Read entire article »

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Friday Playgroup: July 27, 2007

You don’t have to have a lump to have breast cancer: If you are a woman or love a woman, please go read this right now! And help WhyMommy spread the word. (Toddler Planet) We can’t all be the American Idol, and few of us have a fairy godmother I’ve often wondered the same thing. Our culture places so much emphasis on being extraordinary that it devalues the middle. (The Raven Picture Maven) The Heart Is A Muscle. Use It. Tanner has Duchenne’s Muscular Dystrophy, a fatal disease. Please leave a comment for Tanner’s mother, HBM’s sister. And donate to the Parent Project for DMD if you can. (Her Bad Mother) Is Feminism Polarized By Pole Dancing? The owner of a pole-dancing studio thinks pole-dancing is a “form of feminism.” Mamacita thinks it’s … Read entire article »

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Celebrity Baby Style at Sassy Onesies

High Maintenance Already…But Worth It… When this “High Maintenance Already” Onesie arrived from Sassy Onesies, the entire family erupted in laughter. It is just so true!!! At just under a year, Baby Diva is already living up to her nickname. This adorable onesie features the funny saying, “High Maintenance Already” in puffy lettering along with a gold dollar sign and some sparkly bling. Sassy Onesies has assembled one of the internet’s best collections of the hottest baby onesie … Read entire article »

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Are You A Slummy Mummy?

I received a review copy of Slummy Mummy by Fiona Neill a few weeks ago, and it didn’t disappoint. The heroine Lucy Sweeney is scatterbrained and prone to mishaps. Formerly a producer on a prestigious news show, she’s now the stay-at-home mother of three children and a bit of a mess. Her house and car are a pigsty. Her looks are decidedly unglamorous. She wears pajamas when she drops her kids off at school and forgets to wash off her eye makeup, leading one mom to comment that she looks like a panda. She loses her keys, runs out of gas, and forgets about important school projects until the last minute. And that’s just the beginning. At school, she befriends Yummy Mummy (a fit, glamorous mom whose car and home are kept … Read entire article »

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Cheer Up a Friend Today

Because I went to college out of state, my friends are spread across the country. Thanks to email and IM, it’s easy to stay in touch, and we get to see each other at weddings and baby showers. But when a friend is down in the dumps over a breakup, it’s really tough to be far away. In college, I could commiserate over cookies and ice cream for hours, but nowadays a shipped present and hours on the phone are the best I can do. One of my favorite cheer-me-up presents is David’s Cookies. (The one pound tin costs $24.99, but the shipping is free. Since paying for shipping is one of my pet peeves, the free-shipping policy is a huge plus for me.) The 1 pound tin includes about 12 cookies … Read entire article »

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You’re Bound to Win SOMETHING!

I saw this AMAZING IDEA over at Rocks in my Dryer…a GIVEAWAY CARNIVAL!!! How Fun!!! So we’ll be giving away a set of Wee Gallery Art Cards (read our review of Wee Gallery Art Cards). Just leave a comment by 11:59 EST on June 27 with a way we can contact you if you win! That’s it!!! We can only ship to the US, Canada, and military addresses that qualify as US shipping. Also, … Read entire article »

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Get a $25 Dining Gift Certificate for Just $3

You can find great deals on our Coupon Site, but sometimes a deal is so good that we want to make sure you see it. Get 70% off at! From now until July 31, 2007, get a $25 restaurant gift certificate for just $3. Just use code PRESENT at checkout. This morning, I bought two dining certificates to my favorite Indian restaurant for a total cost of $6. That’s an unbelievable deal. has thousands of popular restaurants. You can search for restaurants by zip code, and you’re sure to find one of your local favorites. And for $3, it would even be worth trying a new place. … Read entire article »

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