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Friday Playgroup: July 20, 2007

More Working Moms Dream Of Going Part-Time 60% of mothers say part-time work is their ideal, but many agree we need more opportunities to work part-time. (

Backlash? I, too, am torn between feeling empathy for parents who want a more child-friendly world and utter exasperation over the self-absorption shown by the “my kid can do no wrong” and “the world revolves around my child’s needs” parents. (The Mummy Chronicles)

Wash Me (Or Not) A picture says a thousand words. Check this one out. (Jennsylvania)

Frugal Fridays: The Library Is More Than Books A great listing of services at your local library. My local library also offers some cool services for adults like lectures, art film nights, book clubs and more. Visit your library today to check out the services offered. (OpinionMom)

How To Have A Happy Marriage When You’re Busy Being Parents Excellent advice for all married couples. Whether you have kids or not, you can benefit from the tips here. (

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