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Mamanista Pick for Summer Sun Safety: Sun Signals UV Sensors

While I always lather up with sunscreen before I head to the beach or pool, I often forget to reapply until I start to look a little pink. By that time, I’ve already damaged my skin.

Since I have a hard time taking care of my own skin, I can only imagine how tough it is for harried moms to remember when to reapply sunscreen on their children. Plus, moms also have to deal with the whining- “But MOM, I don’t need more sunscreen yet. I don’t WANT to come out of the water.”

Sun Signals UV Sensors solve the “when do I reapply?” problem. Immediately after you apply sunscreen, put a Sun Signals sticker on your child’s skin, clothes or hat. These stickers monitor actual UVB exposure and will turn deep orange when it’s time to reapply sunscreen. They are self-adhesive and water resistant. Since they are really cute, your child won’t object to wearing them. (In fact, I wouldn’t mind wearing the seahorse, dolphin, octopus or fish sticker myself.) Best of all, you’ll know exactly when to reapply sunscreen or take your child out of the sun.

You can buy 18 Sun Signals UV Sensors for $6.95 One Step Ahead.

Don’t forget to practice good sun safety by wearing a sunhat and sunglasses. Click here for Mamanista tips on the best Sunscreen, Sunhats, and Sunglasses for baby.

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    What a great product! I have that problem too–these are great for pale people everywhere, even without kids!

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