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Friday Playgroup: August 31, 2007

Angels or savages – who would have children? via Hathor. A controversial posting from a mom who regrets having children. Children are such a blessing. I hope she sees that before it’s too late. Idiotic Idea of the Day: School Bans Tag Bullying is a big problem in schools, but is a tag ban the answer? What do you think? (StrollerDerby) Betrayed Oh Izzy….my heart goes out to you. Whatever decision you make now, I’m sure it will be the right one. (IzzyMom) To Nag or Not to Nag Is it “nagging” or “reminding”? I view it as “reminding,” but I’m not sure my husband would always agree. (Suburban Turmoil) And the Winner Is Funny haikus about motherhood. (Absolutely Bananas) Bridget Moynahan ‘very pleased’ Tom Brady was present for birth Some of the comments on … Read entire article »

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Beat Morning Sickness With A Great Pregnancy Cookbook

When I found out I was pregnant, I was concerned about morning sickness. My schedule’s pretty rigorous, and I didn’t want morning sickness to slow me down. At the suggestion of a friend, I started a food journal. I recorded what I ate, when I ate it, and how I felt that day. As a result, I was able to see patterns. For example, fatty foods (especially anything fast food) made me feel sick a few hours later. Going too long without eating made me feel sick, but frequent snacks kept my energy up. Fruits like watermelon and peaches made me feel energetic, and Vitamin Water (known for its B vitamins) was a cure-all. After studying the food journal, I was able to change my eating to avoid foods that made me … Read entire article »

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Babywearing Daddy Liev Schreiber

Here is Naomi Watts with Liev Schreiber carrying Alexander in a Lightly Padded Maya Wrap Sling in Olive (fabric 58), available for $53.15. He’s got the rings on his back–which some people prefer for newborns. The sling is 100% hand loomed cotton fabric and the dyes do not contain any poisonous substance. Here’s another source for Maya Wraps ($55.95). Check out PopSugar for an image of Liev Schreiber using the rings in front … Read entire article »

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Chic & Unique: Personalized Bibs, Burpies, Blankets from Maggie & Alison

When baby has a special occasion, you know there will be photos. When mealtime arrives, do you risk baby splattering food all over a fancy outfit, strip baby down, or do you cover the cute clothing with an ordinary bib? None of the above–the solution is to use a chic bib from Maggie & Alison! Each bib is made from your choice of a variety of fashionable 100% cotton fabrics, backed with 100% cotton chenille, and personalized … Read entire article »

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Is Nail Polish Safe During Pregnancy? How to Find a Phylate-Free Nail Polish.

You have to avoid all sorts of stuff during pregnancy. Giving up sushi, wine, soft cheeses (brie and blue cheese) was tough…but doable. I’d ditched the hair dye and cut myself down to one cup of tea a day. I’d even resigned myself to a stuffy nose since I can’t take my regular Zyrtec-D anymore. One of my friends recently told me that nail polish isn’t safe during pregnancy. None of the seven pregnancy books I’ve … Read entire article »

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Cute Clothing for Big Beautiful Babies

Do strangers ask you if your six month old is walking yet? Do nurses jokingly ask if you are feeding your baby enough? Do friends and family wonder how you manage to carry your baby around all day? Do you have a big beautiful baby? Then check out Happy Panda: The Brand for the Bigger Baby. Plump is definitely in for the under two set. Babies need lots of quality fats early in life to provide for … Read entire article »

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Friday Playgroup: August 24, 2007

Please Keep Hands, Feet and All Objects In the Car This mom lost her beautiful daughter this July to a horrible swimming accident. Her writing moves me because she makes such an effort to appreciate “the sparkles” in life. This post touched me in particular because of the “fancy Hannah” shoes. The little things really can add such joy to our lives. (Life with Hannah and Lily) Since We’re Talking About High School Reunions This makes me feel all nostalgic. CityMama wouldn’t feel as bad about her hair if she could see my high school pics. (CityMama) Don’t Be a Dummy Click here if you need a good laugh. (Absolutely Bananas) Getting Kids to Go to Bed Clever tips on how to get kids to go to bed, and a good link list … Read entire article »

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Happy Housewives

A few months ago I saw author Darla Shine on TV talking about her new book Happy Housewives. Her basic argument was that stay-at-home mothers shouldn’t feel ashamed about being at home but rather demand some respect. I was intrigued, but I never got around to buying her book. I didn’t have a baby, so it just didn’t seem that relevant to me. I completely forgot about it until a friend gave me a copy a week or so ago. She knew I’d been spending a lot of time pondering the whole work/life balance question. Since we’d recently discussed The Feminine Mistake, which argues that giving up your job after baby is a huge financial mistake, she thought it would be helpful for me to read another perspective. Darla Shine was a … Read entire article »

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Amazing Coupon and Sale

Right now has 2,837 styles available in its clearance section, including 1191 chic women’s, 146 hip boys’, and 199 adorable girls’ shoes, like these Naturino Toddler Shoes. Shop for an Additional 20% off Clearance items! ( just let us know you need to use coupon code CLEARANCE) This offer valid until 8/27. If the shoes you want aren’t on clearance or sale, you can take $10 off an order of $100 with coupon code … Read entire article »

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Mama Knows Breast: A Beginner’s Guide to Breastfeeding

I don’t doubt that “breast is best,” but I am disturbed by the social pressure in some (primarily middle and upper-middle class) areas to breastfeed.I worry about the problems some women have breastfeeding, the difficulty of balancing breastfeeding and work outside the home, and the challenge of finding a safe and comfortable place to breastfeed outside the home. I’m still a Mama-to-Be and haven’t made up my mind yet, but want the right to make my own decision without lectures from breastfeeding activists/friends. Occasionally, I’ll sneak something into the Friday Playgroup (this and this) that shows my mixed feelings. Andi Silverman of Mama Knows Breast responded to one of my posts with a friendly offer to share a review copy of her new book, Mama Knows Breast: A Beginner’s Guide to … Read entire article »

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