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Hot Baby Carrier: The Beco, Baby!

Beco Baby Carrier

If you’ve been wondering about the Beco, baby, we’ll give you the scoop. I had the opportunity to try out this hot carrier and I can see why babywearing shops have trouble keeping it in stock.

Let’s start with the obvious–no matter what your style, you are sure to find a cute, chic, or cutting edge baby carrier print to suit your taste. Personally, I am drooling over the Sky Temple and Kimono Cathedral, if anyone’s shopping for me. Punk Rock Mamas may prefer the Fuscia Spider and Ultra-Feme Mamas may be drawn to Lacework.

Now that we’ve got form out of the way, let’s chat function. There are many benefits to babywearing (less crying, bonding, convenience, safety, easy breastfeeding, comfort) and the Beco has them all!

The Beco is a soft structured baby carrier–which means that it provides a structured body that is great for longer trips, greater freedom of movement for mom or dad, and parents who are just more confident with pack-like carrier. Because it is soft, it also promotes proper spinal and hip alignment for baby.

The Beco Baby Carrier is so comfortable and safe, Baby Diva fell asleep while we were hiking–and she’s more of a “don’t want to miss the party” type of gal. Baby can ride with arms in or out (Baby Diva obviously prefers arms out). The removable hood is perfect for sun protection or extra support for little sleepyheads.

I also found the waist and shoulder straps fit Mama just right. The seat is high enough to hold baby close and reduce strain on my back. And there was just the right amount padding to keep the Beco both cushioned and svelte. Since the Beco Baby Carrier was designed by babywearing parent, sailor and rock climber, Gabby Caperon, you know that you are getting a good, safe ergonomic fit.

I found the Beco very easy to use. I was able to strap Baby Diva in on my back on my own after just a little practice. Just pull to adjust from both sides of each strap to get a perfect, custom fit. Even if you need a few more pointers, one of the many advantages of buying from Along For the Ride is that Kristen is knowledgeable and helpful–she is always happy to answer your questions about any of her carriers.

The carrier also has a number of features that make it very convenient, which is really important to mamas on the go! You can wear baby in front for nursing, on the hip, or on the back. With an infant insert, you can use this carrier for your baby from birth through toddlerhood (up to 55 pounds). There is a velcro strap that allows you to roll down the Beco for those toddlers that are constantly up and down–this also makes it easy to fold-up the Beco when it is not in use.

And wearing the Beco just feels right–all Beco carriers are made using high quality and environmentally conscience materials (including some recycled and organic fabrics) and are manufactured in the USA in a fair trade facility by a Work-At-Home-Mom owned company.

Purchase your Beco at Along For the Ride and use coupon code “MAMANISTA” for $5 off your order of $40.00 or more. Prices from $125-140. Along For the Ride also offers free shipping on all US orders over $99!

Beco Baby Carrier

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  1. Christine says:

    This baby carrier looks wonderful, and the pictures of you and Baby Diva are GREAT!!

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