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What the Well-Shod Celebrity Baby Wears

It’s been a busy few weeks for me so I was decompressing by catching up on my celeb gossip. I immediately noticed Marcia Cross’ darling baby girl (via Perez Hilton) was wearing a pair of pediped shoes. I was certain adorable Eden was wearing pediped Caroline in White ($30) because Baby Diva has a pair of pediped Caroline in Navy ($30). I also found out that Eden’s twin, Savannah, has been spotted out wearing pediped Abigail … Read entire article »

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Friday Playgroup: September 28, 2007

How Am I?: Have you visited WHYMommy recently? Walk with her, write with her…and share her message about inflammatory breast cancer. She’s doing the brave part, it is the least we can do. (Toddler Planet) Five lessons about kids and parenting: #4: Relax and enjoy your kids more. (Little Elephants) Getting Better Every Day: Good to know things hit a sweet spot. (PHATMommy) Welcome to the League of Maternal Justice I’m Getting Him a Leash: I’m going to avoid commenting on this one until my spirited little girl is unning around. I have an opinion but parenthood has taught me to never say never… (IzzyMom) Go veggie for a day: “She’s a vegetarian…” (CDG) I Saw The Sign: Baby Diva can use sign language to communicate…and she wants more, More, MORE! (Mama Luxe)The Mommy Wars: No … Read entire article »

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Printable Halloween Party Games

Whether you have a room full of little gremlins, or your hosting a slightly older gathering of ghouls, Fun Halloween Games are a great way to break the ice. You get 50 printable Halloween, Harvest, and Thanksgiving games for $17.95 and you can print as many copies as you like. The games include picture matches for the smallest monsters, trivia games that are great for door prizes, word finds and scrambles to challenge older … Read entire article »

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Great Way to Meet Other Moms: Mothers & More

In previous Friday Playgroup posts, Mama Luxe and I have reflected on the difficulty of making mommy friends. I wanted to share information on a cool group for moms of all ages. Mothers & More is great way to connect and make friends with interesting, friendly moms in your area. Mothers & More advertises that it is “for the woman behind the mom.” I spoke with their local membership director at a recent community event, and I was so impressed by the organization- especially by their advocacy for public and employment policies that accommodate parents. Their website reads: “Mothers & More champions the value and necessity of all mothers’ work to our society – paid and unpaid, within and outside of the home. We strive to raise awareness about the fact that mothers … Read entire article »

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You Deserve a Break Today! Find Caring Sitters at

My parents’ generation is sometimes known as the caretaker generation because they find themselves caring and providing for their aging parents, their adult children who find themselves in an uncertain job and housing market, and often their grandchildren, too. Wouldn’t it be great if you could find childcare, elder care, pet sitters, and tutors all in one spot? That’s the great idea behind You’ll find Child Care, Pet Care, Tutoring, and Senior Care, all through one service with just one subscription. Plus free Background Checks are available. The site is very user-friendly and there is even a virtual tour. You can register with a basic subscription for free to see if there are any likely candidates in your area and then join as a premium member to view full profiles (including … Read entire article »

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Trick Or Treat in Eco-Friendly Style

Skip the plastic this year and go with a reusable trick or treat bag. Check out this Cute Kitty Cat Trick or Treat Bag ($16.95). The felt bag is designed to last for years, saving both money and landfill. Price includes customization with your child’s name for a real treat that won’t play a trick on the environment. Also available in Frankenstein, Skeleton Bones, Miss Pumpkin, or Mr. Pumpkin styles. Here’s another pumpkin treat bag for $9.50. For older … Read entire article »

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Friday Playgroup: September 21, 2007

First MySpace, Then Facebook, Now Harvard? Facebook takes down pictures of breastfeeding moms for obscenity, but it hosts over 350 pro-anorexia groups. Izzy’s asking other bloggers to take action by posting on this hypocrisy. (IzzyMom) Bill Maher is a waste of time and here’s another huge blow-up about breastfeeding around the internet. (Suburban Oblivion) Die Yuppie Scum Mom 101 is ambivalent about having a nanny. (Mom 101) Work at Home Exposed Sara Fischer claims that “working at home” is just an excuse to get your nails done and slack off. I couldn’t disagree more. At home workers can be just as productive as office workers. (Mommy Track’d) In Which I Am Nearly Decapitated By a Falling Box of Condoms Who would have thought that a near-death falling condom experience would be so entertaining? (Absolutely … Read entire article »

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Pop Art

Mama-To-Be has shared her enjoyment of Dale and Thomas Popcorn with us before. And she’s not alone in her appreciation for this gourmet treat. Katie Holmes craved it while pregnant and Teri Hatcher, Oprah and Rachel Ray are fans, too. Dale and Thomas has a popcorn chef who ensures each flavor combination is scrumptious. Now, for a limited time, you can see what all the excitement is about. Dale and Thomas will send you two bags of their delicious popcorn and you only pay shipping. … Read entire article »

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Congratulations to our August and September Contest Winners!

Fancy Feet for Your Kiddo from Skimbaco – Jennifer from New York Eco-friendly Pet Tee and Tote Bag from MyConservationBaby – Tote: Laura from Tennessee; Pet Tee: Jeanette from Ontario Huge Prize Basket for Your Big, Beautiful Baby from Happy Panda Baby – Heather Personalized Children’s Songs from Name Your Tune – Ellen and Kayleb from Maine The No Cry Discipline Solution from Elizabeth Pantley – Laura from Tennessee Remember to enter our Stylishly Spooky Costume Contest for Bogies and Ghouls and check back regularly for more great giveaways! … Read entire article »

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Stylishly Spooky Costume Contest for Bogies and Ghouls

Halloween is fast approaching–a fun celebration for kids and the young at heart. Over the next month, Mamanista will be featuring Halloween costumes, decorations, recipes, and more. We’re kicking off our guide to Halloween with a ghostly giveaway: a $50 Gift Certificate from Half Price Costumes offers a dizzying array of haunted options for every member of the family, including Halloween masks, makeup, hats,& wigs, Props & Party Decorations, Adult Costumes, Pet Costumes, and Kids Costumes. You can receive up to two entries: Comment: Visit and leave us a comment telling us which frighteningly fashionable costume you want the most. Don’t forget to leave a valid e-mail** address or URL where we can reach you, or we can’t tell you if you win and that would be ghastly! :( … Read entire article »

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