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Friday Playgroup: September 28, 2007

How Am I?: Have you visited WHYMommy recently? Walk with her, write with her…and share her message about inflammatory breast cancer. She’s doing the brave part, it is the least we can do. (Toddler Planet)

Five lessons about kids and parenting: #4: Relax and enjoy your kids more. (Little Elephants)

Getting Better Every Day: Good to know things hit a sweet spot. (PHATMommy)

Welcome to the League of Maternal Justice

I’m Getting Him a Leash: I’m going to avoid commenting on this one until my spirited little girl is unning around. I have an opinion but parenthood has taught me to never say never… (IzzyMom)

Go veggie for a day: “She’s a vegetarian…” (CDG)

I Saw The Sign: Baby Diva can use sign language to communicate…and she wants more, More, MORE! (Mama Luxe)

The Mommy Wars: No Fence Sitters Allowed
: Ummm. Wow. No one’s going to accuse this gal of ambivalence. Mama Luxe plans on responding later. (SAHMmy Says)

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  1. SAHMmy Says says:

    Thanks for inviting me to your playgroup :) Please do visit the Mommy Wars post and comments–it’s getting hot in there! I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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