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Great Way to Meet Other Moms: Mothers & More

In previous Friday Playgroup posts, Mama Luxe and I have reflected on the difficulty of making mommy friends.

I wanted to share information on a cool group for moms of all ages. Mothers & More is great way to connect and make friends with interesting, friendly moms in your area.

Mothers & More advertises that it is “for the woman behind the mom.” I spoke with their local membership director at a recent community event, and I was so impressed by the organization- especially by their advocacy for public and employment policies that accommodate parents.

Their website reads: “Mothers & More champions the value and necessity of all mothers’ work to our society – paid and unpaid, within and outside of the home. We strive to raise awareness about the fact that mothers live and work in a society that presents significant barriers to their ability to succeed as women, citizens, parents or participants in the workforce. By uniting mothers to act on their own behalf, we seek to eliminate policies, practices and attitudes that unfairly impact mothers as caregivers.”

This advocacy is so important. I was shocked to learn recently that some states still permit discrimination against parents in employment– including Pennsylvania where I live. Pennsylvania employers may refuse to hire women (or men) with families or other caregiver responsibilities or otherwise discriminate against them even if their responsibilities do not interfere with their work.

My local Mothers & More chapter meets monthly. Each meeting has a various theme such as going green at home, self defense, and finding work you love. But there are other interest groups such as a book club, Moms’ Nights Out, Moms’ Mornings Out, Moms’ Lunches Out, and Potluck Dinners/Recipe Nights for moms interesting in socializing.

Mothers & More is open to all mothers, whether they’re at-home, work flexibly, or work part-time or full-time. You can learn more about the mission of the national organization at

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