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Shrek Cookbook: Dine with Shrek and Fiona

Don’t know what to make for Halloween? How about whipping up a batch of stir-fry worms and insects, or perhaps you’d like to chew on swamp rat kebabs, or maybe make a mini-eyeball pizza for a quick snack? All these dreadful delights are in the Shrek Cookbook. Some of the recipes have scream-worthy names (Swamp Slime with Maggots), while others are more appetizing references to the Shrek characters (Waffles a la Donkey), but all are yummy. … Read entire article »

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Fabulous Deal: Coupon Code for 70% Off!

When Mama-to-Be told me about, the offer sounded too good to be true. This is no trick, though. You can purchase a $25 gift certificate for many of your favorite local restaurants for just $10. And right now, they have a 70% Off Sale, which means you get the Gift Certificate for just $3. I took Mama-to-Be’s advice and stocked up on some for our favorite local Italian restaurant. Taking a big family out to eat or getting a babysitter is costly, but this great site makes dining out more affordable. Gift Certificates from are perfect for a date night or for a holiday gift. 70% Off Sale! Use code TREATS at checkout. Offer Good from Oct. 24th through Oct. 31st! This offer ends Wednesday … Read entire article »

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Last-Minute Halloween Ideas and Inspiration

Just one more day until Halloween. Here are some posts for last minute inspiration. Don’t forget to check out our Halloween Suggestions, including Eerie Edibles (Halloween Recipes and Links), Paper Bag Costume and Mask Ideas, and Printable Halloween Party Games. Enjoy Your Trick Or Treating and Haunted Halloween Fun! Halloween Crafts & Activities: Halloween Crafts (Scribbit) Kids Crafts and Fun Activities: Halloween round-up (Little Elephants) Going Green for Halloween (Mama Saga) Halloween Math Printables from Danica McKellar (link via PHAT Mommy) Yummy Treats Witch Hat Treats (Scribbit) Amy’s Halloween candy alternatives (Crunchy Domestic Goddess) Eerie Edibles (Mamanista’s Round-up) Spooky Things to Watch Addams Family Forever (Daddy Forever) 1967 Mad Monster Party (mod*mom) Scariest Movies Ever (Scribbit) Blogger Reflections: Halloween Costume Watch: Princess Mononoke Preview (CityMama): Now I want to be Princess Mononoke Sew What (ArmyWifeToddlerMom): A lot of people talk about the true spirit of Christmas…but how … Read entire article »

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Creative Gifts for New Moms and Mamas-to-Be: BabyBlooms!

As a Mama-to-Be, I’ve received some great gifts. One of my favorites has to be the BabyBlooms bouquet! BabyBlooms bouquets are made of baby clothes that have been individually hand-rolled into the likeness of flower buds. I received the Blue Classic Bouquet ($85). It includes: 1 reversible hat, 1 long sleeved sleepsuit, 2 bodysuits, 2 colored bibs, 1 winding cloth, 3 pairs of socks and 1 pair of striped mittens. If that’s too expensive … Read entire article »

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Get Stylish with Nina Garcia from Project Runway and Elle

I’ve been reading this fun copy of The Little Black Book of Style, by Nina Garcia, and I have an extra one to give away to you! This book has fashion tips from the Fashion Director of Elle and the insightful and incisive Project Runway judge, Nina Garcia. Equally at home in couture and thrift shop finds, Ms. Garcia points out that style is mostly attitude: “Fashion can be bought, Style one must possess.” –Edna Woolman Chase Whether you need to edit, embellish, or mix it up, Ms. Garcia has some great suggestions to help you find your own sense of style. When you feel stylish, you also feel more confident–ready to take on the next challenge whether it is a meeting with a client, a night out, or just a new playgroup. Ms. Garcia … Read entire article »

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Sale at eBags: Handbags, Purses, and Cases, Oh My!

We heart a great deal and this one is too good not to share… Click Here to get 20% Off at – Sunday October 28th Only! eBags has the hottest brands, including top diaper bag picks, like Fleurville (pictured), OiOi, Ju-Ju-Be, and Diaper Dude. So, if you have been eying that hip mama diaper bag, chic purse, hot tote, or elegant laptop case or briefcase, don’t miss this chance to get 20% off! If you don’t catch this … Read entire article »

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Friday Playgroup: October 26, 2007

Who needs therapy? The internet is cheaper. How to Raise your Children to be the Type of Adults You Want Them to Be: I began writing what they call a mission statement… (Thingamababy) To Put it Bluntly, Kids Are… (Suburban Oblivion) Stepping Off: A Frog in Hot Water: When divorce is a new beginning. An inspiring read even if your marriage is healthy. (via Maya’s Mom) Postpartum depression nearly killed me. Then I had a second baby.: An honest and personal account that provides hope for those who suffered from postpartum depression and want to have another baby. ( Gentle Art of Ruling Your Husband-Where You Been, You Sexy Thang?: To end your session on a funny note. (fussypants) Plus some more cool posts we enjoyed: 5 Minutes Around The Blogosphere: Take some time to follow featured … Read entire article »

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Mamma’s Milk: Luxe Pouches For Babies and Mamas Who Are Going Places!

I’ve been eager to try out a Mamma’s Milk Pouch Sling ever since I started babywearing. Check out Baby Diva in her luscious new ride–a Mamma’s Milk Silk Pouch. The whole family likes the feel of the luxurious washable silk fabric and the design is subtle and sweet. As soon as I pulled the sling out of the bag, I told Captain Dad that he needs to take us out to dinner so I … Read entire article »

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Zoe’s Picks: Must-Have Shoes and Boots and a Sale at Piperlime

Rachel Zoe may have insulted the devastatingly powerful and fabulous Ms. Wintour, but her picks for Five Must Have Shoes can all be done in Mommy-Friendly Style: a timeless patent, the simple riding boot (just picked up a pair myself), a stunning red shoe (contrary to Southern Belles, these are now acceptable for respectable adult women), the fabulous flat (a mommy must-have), and a wild animal print (if you feel leopard has been done, go … Read entire article »

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Halloween Recipe Carnival and Contest Winners!

Congratulations to the winners of our Kooky Carnival of Haunted Halloween Remarkable Recipes for Terrifyingly Tasty Treats and Eerie Edibles! My pick for the spookiest treat is Jen’s Mummy Dogs and wants to scarf down some of Pamela’s Jack-o’-Lantern Crackers. You each won a copy of the Shrek Cookbook AND a six month subscription to What’s Cooking. Reviews of these coming soon! If you missed the carnival and still want to add your recipe, just leave the … Read entire article »

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