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Friday Playgroup: October 19, 2007

Going Green for Halloween Creative suggestions from Mama Luxe on how to have a fun and environmentally-friendly Halloween. (MamaSaga)

Adults-Only: Why Are Cities So Child Unfriendly Rebecca rightly distinguishes between the self-absorbed parents who let their precious darling babble throughout a wedding ceremony and the average, considerate mom who just wants a cup of coffee without facing the glares of strangers. What do you think the proper balance is? How do you handle a Starbucks run when you’re with your toddler? (Babble)

No Kid, Huh? A witty and insightful essay by Izzy on Corinne Maier’s book No Kid: Forty Reasons For Not Having Children. (IzzyMom)

So Tell Us How You Really Feel I agree with Vicky on this. We need less cynicism in politics. Vote for the person you believe in and not just the person you think would “win” for your party. (The Mummy Chronicles)

Kitchen Parade Extra: Cauliflower Risotto A fabulous recipe from one of my favorite vegetarian blogs. (A Veggie Venture)

Halloween- Now Here’s A Holiday I Can Do Costumes, Decorating and Candy– what’s not to love about Halloween. (Absolutely Bananas)

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