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Friday Playgroup: November 17, 2007

Her Pants Are So On Fire Izzy ponders how to teach her daughter not to lie. Some moms seriously bashed Izzy in the comments, but all she did was temporarily confiscate a favorite toy. What do you think? (IzzyMom)

Paternity Test Men can be so weird sometimes, but at least Rebecca has a sense of humor about it. (Girl’s Gone Child)

Activities That Encourage Reading (Part Two) Great advice from one of my favorite bloggers and a reminder that next week is National Children’s Book Week. (Scribbit)

And This Will Help…What, Exactly? One mother’s thoughts on a nightmare PTA meeting. (Suburban Oblivion)

The Truth About TIME-OUT Sound advice from a professional therapist on the importance of time outs. (Healing Little Heroes)

Organic or Not? Is That The Question? After the WAHM/SAHM and the bottle vs. breast issue, organic food may be the next big debate in the mommy wars. Here’s one mom’s response. (It’s My Life)

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