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Looking for a Gift for a Mama-to-Be?

I’m a bit (ok…a lot) type A, so my friends were concerned that I relax as much as possible during my pregnancy. The pregnancy yoga DVDs I received unsolicited were their not-very-subtle way of telling me I needed to de-stress. Message received.

I’ve found the pregnancy yoga helpful (great way to banish a backache), but I do have to admit that the instructor gets on my nerves as she repeatedly tells me to “beeeeee with your baby” and to “feeeeeeeel your power as a woman” while she contorts herself into some crazy position I wouldn’t have been able to do pre-pregnancy. By the end of the DVD, I’ve had a great workout but am barely resisting the urge to throw my foam yoga brick at the tv set.

The best stress-relief gift I’ve received during my pregnancy was a pre-natal massage gift-certificate from Thank You Mama Luxe and Fairy Godmother!

It is recommended that you get your doctor’s permission before having a maternity massage. In most cases, your doctor will give you the go ahead.
I used the certificate last week, and it was pure heaven. 50 minutes of relaxing music and massage relaxed my back and refreshed my spirit.

You can use a gift certificate at thousands of spas nationwide. I live near Philadelphia, so I picked 3000 B.C in Wayne, PA. My massage therapist was a certified doula with a lot of experience working with pregnant women, and she was very gentle. She also used vitamin-enriched products and let me select which scent I preferred since pregnant noses are very sensitive.

So if you are looking for a great, thoughtful gift for a pregnant friend, I highly recommend treating them to a maternity massage. Click here to order Spa Finder Gift Certificates.

Oh…and if my husband is reading this post, this is my unsubtle hint to you that a massage certificate would make an ideal present!

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