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Products for Natural and Wholesome Parenting at Nature’s Child: Coupon and Contest

If you are looking for healthy and environmentally friendly products to help you parent naturally, Nature’s Child has unique gifts, gear, and more. The owner of one of the best babywearing online stores, Along for the Ride, has opened Nature’s Child, stocked with wholesome goods for mother and child. Of course, being a babywearing maven, she has included a brilliant selection of baby carriers. There is also just about everything else you might need from maternity … Read entire article »

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Get a Babysitter for New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Resolution: Spend more time together as a couple. Why not start now? I am guilty of avoiding this myself. I have the excuse that we’ve been in the middle of a move, but with a new house and a new year, it is time to find reliable child care so my husband and I can put on non-carrot stained clothes and enjoy a stolen hour or two reconnecting with the inner adult. If this is too huge of a move, maybe take some baby steps and hire a sitter to watch the kids while you throw a party at home? You’ll be right there, but you will be able to enjoy adult company without one ear pinned to the moniter. It is not to late to find a sitter for New Year’s … Read entire article »

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Give Something Back This Holiday Season

A Mamanista is first and foremost a Mama…and so we support important causes, especially those that help out the most vulnerable. We posted earlier about ways to teach children charity at Christmas. One important way to teach your children charity is to give something back yourself by donating your time, money and gently-used items. If you are looking to make a holiday donation, here are some of our favorite charities: Visit Baby Diva’s Tribute Page at the American Heart Association, read more about her story, and consider making a donation (every little bit helps) to assist the American Heart Association in their research and outreach. For Hearts and Souls – gives children in impoverished communities an opportunity to receive life-saving treatment. This charity is run by Baby Diva’s cardiologist. Children of Fallen Soldiers Relief … Read entire article »

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Share Something Sweet and Help Fight Hunger

Ferrero Rocher has to be one of my favorite treats–and one of their gift boxes makes the perfect hostess present for all of these fabulous holiday parties. So, when I found out that they were launching a new dark chocolate, Rondnoir, I couldn’t wait to get a taste. Ferrero Rocher did not disappoint, and Rondnoir is every bit as decadent as the original. Within the wafer topped with crunchy dark chocolate is a velvety … Read entire article »

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UnPlugged Play Winners

The Winners of the Unplugged Play Contest are: maddgiggler, who said: Homemade playdough is the best! Mama Zen, who said: I let my daughter bathe her plastic dinosaurs in the sink. She thinks this is just the most fun! Check out our review of Unplugged Play for all of our readers’ engaging ideas and be on the lookout for another chance to win! —WANT IT: Buy Unplugged Play: No Batteries. No Plugs. Pure Fun. ($11.53) … Read entire article »

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Teaching Children Charity at Christmas

Dustin Wax of Stepdadding has a great post on about how to teach your children charity at Christmas. He suggests that children (with mom or dad’s help) sort their toys into three piles: keep, trash or donate. He advises, “Explain to them that while they are dreaming of new toys for Christmas, there are lots of kids whose families can’t afford to give their children new toys, and that those children would be happy to have some of your kids’ toys to play with.” I love this idea because it involves children in giving. As a young child, I remember going to the toy store with my mother to purchase some presents for Toys for Tots. As I grew older, volunteering as a family became a meaningful part of … Read entire article »

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Getting Personal With Baby Shower Gifts

Once that little one enters your life, it is All About Baby. A personalized baby gift is a sweet way to welcome a new infant to the world. All About Baby brings you a selection of candy-colored, cute, whimsical gifts, many of which are stitched or hand-painted with your child’s name. My Baby has this adorable personalized fleece hat. The material is so cozy and warm and she brings it to me whenever she wants … Read entire article »

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Toddler Bistro Box and My Mommy’s Tote Winners

Congratulations to all of our Mamanista Winners! We’ve got a few more contests still going on and we’ll have plenty more in the New Year! The Winner of the Toddler Bistro Box Contest is: maddgiggler, who said: I would be looking at the effects my eating habits have on my children. The shopping lists sound helpful too. WANT IT: Buy the Baby or Toddler Bistro Box and save 10% with coupon code: MWS607— The Winners of the My Mommy’s Tote Contest are: Audra Marie, who said: I love the educational parts, but my little one would especially love the Mommy’s laptop, cell phone, and wallet with a removable credit card part of it. She’s always getting into the real thing. :) Brooke Lorren, who said: I think the removeable credit card is a cute idea. WANT … Read entire article »

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Holiday Sale and Free Shipping on Children’s Gifts at DuckDuck Goose (Deal of the Day)

If you are still looking for the perfect gift for a little prince or princess (or pirate) in your life, you should check out the Pre-Holiday Sale at Duck Duck Goose. They have great prices on hip and sweet outfits, accessories, and toys. Baby loves to do her pirate jig, so this Melissa and Doug Pirate Puppet would be perfect. I had been checking out this beautiful Kate Mack “Cherry Blossoms” Faux Suede Coat, … Read entire article »

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Mother Luck

Clearly my baby is much cooler than I am–her style, her wit, her winning smile. But PeaceLoveMom is here to help me out. Their designs proudly proclaim that being a mom is fun, lucky, and hip, even. To celebrate my good maternal fortune, I have a Lucky Mom 24/7 t-shirt. Yes, I am blessed 24 hours a day, seven days a week–which coincidentally seem to be my motherly work hours, too. More than just a witty … Read entire article »

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