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Every Woman Counts

EVERY WOMAN COUNTS is a nonpartisan public service campaign dedicated to encouraging women to run for public office at all levels and motivating women to register and vote.

They are holding an event on January 5th, and you are invited! Whether you are on the left, right or in the middle, this is a great way to involved.

At the “If I Were President” forum, a straw poll will be conducted and both Democratic and Republican presidential candidates will have the opportunity to address women on issues like education, healthcare, crime, terrorism and the War in Iraq.

Here are the event details:

WHEN: Saturday, January 5th – 8:30 to 10:30 a.m.

WHERE: Radisson Hotel Ballroom, 700 Elm Street, Manchester, NH

Please RSVP today to 212-424-7484 or email Space is limited!

If you can’t make this event but want more info on future events and online activities, sign up at EVERY WOMAN COUNTS for email updates.

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