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SlickSugar: Big Rock Candy Tees for Little Sweeties

SlickSugar Vintage Rock and Roll Tees for Babies and Children
If your sweet little ones rock out to the beat of a different drummer, SlickSugar has vintage style tees that will get them grooving.

My Baby is sporting the Stars and Guitars design, two red hot axes ringed with blue stars. The material is a comfy and cozy waffle fabric–just perfect for relaxing at outdoor music festivals and dancing barefoot in the grass.

Inspiring the next generation of music lovers and artists is the goal, so SlickSugar donates a portion of sales to Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation (in support of music education).

With spirited designs and a lot of soul, it is no surprise that SlickSugar is a celebrity mom favorite. Stylist Jayneoni Moore has chosen SlickSugar to dress the tinseltown tots of stars like Heidi Klum, Gwen Stefani, Katie Holmes, Jennifer Garner, Sheryl Crow, and Angelina Jolie.

SlickSugar’s hip styles with retro-flair are about more than being a future “rock star”–they are made for creating and playing. These clothes exude a joyous and fresh love of music.

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