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How to Dye Your Eggs “Green” This Easter: Free Eco-Tips from Ideal Bite

Ideal Bite is like Daily Candy…but for people interested in green living  rather than expensive, hipster products.  Sign up for free in order to receive short, sassy, eco-living tips by email each weekday.  You’ll get great, free advice on kids, beauty, household items, travel and more. Curious to know what kind of advice you’ll receive by email? Here’s a free tip from Ideal Bite’s website about how to dye your eggs “green” this Easter: The Bite When Peter Cottontail comes hopping down the bunny … Read entire article »

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Baby Gift for Somebunny Special

Baby Gift for Somebunny Special

I’ve previously written about (Click here to see review.) Savvy Tot offers fashionable, funny onesies and tees for your baby. Savvy Tot clothing is hip and witty (to please a fashionista mom) and super comfy (to make baby happy). All Savvy Tot clothing is tagless for baby’s comfort and made in the USA of super soft heavyweight cotton. If you’re looking for a cute Easter Gift, check out the “A Little Hare on My Chest” … Read entire article »

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Oompa Toys Coupon Code (Deal of the Day)

Oompa Toys is celebrating the Leap Year in style. That’s right, the sale that happens only every four years! We love Oompa for their wide variety of organic, US, and European, brands, including an extensive selection of HABA toys. Oompa is one of our “Retailers of Toys to Trust.” Click HERE to visit Oompa Toys Use the coupon code “LEAPYEAR” at checkout to receive $15 off any order of $100 or more. … Read entire article »

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Cuddoozle vs. Boppy: Which is the Best Nursing Pillow?

Cuddoozle vs. Boppy: Which is the Best Nursing Pillow?

Many lactation consultants and doctors recommend the use of nursing pillows to reduce strain on your arms, shoulders and neck while feeding baby. The Boppy Pillow is probably the best-known nursing pillow on the market, but is it the best?  I purchased the Boppy because I didn’t know there were any other nursing pillow options.  The Boppy is easily found at big stores like Target, Babies R Us and Walmart, and it is affordable (prices vary but … Read entire article »

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Petunia Picklebottom Diaper Bags on Sale for $94.99

Petunia Picklebottom Diaper Bags on Sale for $94.99

Baby Browns is having a big sale on Diaper Bags. Some popular Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper Bags, such as the Fortune Cookie Boxy Backpack (pictured here), are on sale for just $94.99. Quantities are limited, and the sale ends on March 7. … Read entire article »

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Contest at Nature’s Child

Nature’s Child is having a contest for a $100 gift certificate to their fabulous store. Additional prize drawings will be held from contest entries to receive two $50 gift certificates, four $25 gift certificates, and ten $10 gift certificates, for a total of $400.00 in prizes. I’ve been eying their stock of wooden puzzles for my little enigma and some safe, natural rattles and teethers for the new one on the way. There is also just … Read entire article »

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The Easiest Way to Dress a Squirming Newborn

New parents often have a difficult time dressing newborns. Some babies cry when clothing is pulled over their head. Other parents worry about clothing irritating the cord stump. Westcoast Baby, a mom-owned company, specializes in Infant Layette designed specifically to fit newborn and preemie babies. With only two ties and an open bottom, their infant kimonos (pictured here) make dressing baby simple and fast and diaper changes a breeze. The kimono also has built-in scratch mitts … Read entire article »

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Belli Maternity Care Coupon Code (Deal of the Day)

I started using Belli Pregnancy Safe Acne Wash on the advice of Mama-To-Be. Before she posted, I didn’t even know studies had shown a possible link between Salicylic Acid and birth defects. After 14 weeks, I can say that the Belli Wash is very effective at keeping skin clear and the $18 tube goes a long way. If you use a bath puff, you get a nice lather from just a small amount. The fragrance is a natural and light citrus and the scent is pleasant. Belli makes a full line of skin care for pregnant moms and for baby and is the #1 Recommended Pregnancy Skin Care Collection Among OB-Gyns because the ingredients are safe for pregnancy and breastfeeding and the products are free of Synthetic Dyes, Paraben Preservatives, … Read entire article »

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Beech-Nut Gift Basket Giveaway

Beech-Nut Gift Basket Giveaway

You might have noticed that Mamanista has a chic new design. To celebrate our new look, we’re giving away a $75 Gift Basket of Beech-Nut products (pictured). Beech-Nut has a new look too! They recently introduced Easy Pour packaging for their dry cereals to eliminate the mess and spillage typical of traditional box packaging for baby cereal. (I realize that new cereal packaging doesn’t sound that exciting, but I love anything that saves me time and … Read entire article »

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Mamanista Green Tip: How to Stop Junk Mail

Did you know that 100 million trees are cut down every year for junk mail and that it costs $320 million in local taxes to dispose of unsolicited mail each year? So you can save the planet and your tax dollars by reducing the amount of junk mail your household receives. I recently signed up for GreenDimes. For $20, Green Dimes promises to reduce your junk mail by 90% by removing your entire household from direct mailing lists. When you join, Green Dimes will plant 5 trees on your behalf. They also offer a Catalog Screener, which enables you to opt-out of receiving thousands of catalogs. If you opt-out of 5 catalogs, Green Dimes will plant an additional 5 trees for you. Want It? Cut Junk Mail … Read entire article »

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