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Mamanista Green Tip: How to Stop Junk Mail

GreenDimesDid you know that 100 million trees are cut down every year for junk mail and that it costs $320 million in local taxes to dispose of unsolicited mail each year? So you can save the planet and your tax dollars by reducing the amount of junk mail your household receives.

I recently signed up for
GreenDimes. For $20, Green Dimes promises to reduce your junk mail by 90% by removing your entire household from direct mailing lists. When you join, Green Dimes will plant 5 trees on your behalf. They also offer a Catalog Screener, which enables you to opt-out of receiving thousands of catalogs. If you opt-out of 5 catalogs, Green Dimes will plant an additional 5 trees for you.

Want It?
Cut Junk Mail up to 90%. Plant 10
Trees. All for $20. Sign up now.
GreenDimes You also can give your friends gift subscription to Green Dimes.

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  1. Melissa says:


    This is Melissa from GreenDimes. Thank you for your nice post about our junk mail elimination service. We also have a package of eco-tools to get you started on your green lifestyle. I like this package because it includes a children’s book.

    Thanks again for spreading the word about our mission to save paper, trees, and to create a better environment for our children’s children.


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