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Big Bibs for Covering Big Bellies

Big Bellies Bibs for ToddlersAt first, I did not understand the big hoopla about bibs. After all, my baby didn’t need one until she was over six months’ old. Even then, her face got messy, but a dishtowel easily protected her clothing (assuming she was wearing any).

Then she grew into an active self-feeding toddler.

Now, I “get” the bib obsession. We have two go-to bibs for protecting baby’s outfits during fine-dining experiences: Bib Bellies Bibs and DaBib.

Bib Bellies Bibs are extra long and wide to provide plenty of coverage and the nylon backing adds extra protection. The pocket catches liquids and stray crumbs. The bibs are machine washable and use Velcro tabs for fastening. And, as an added bonus, this mom-owned company manufactures all its bibs in the USA.

While the fabrics tend toward the sweet and whimsical, rather than the hip or edgy, there is plenty of variety available. I like the neon “Bugs” and the “Grapes” (perfect for a vineyard picnic).

Big Bellies also donates a portion of annual sales to the Second Harvest Food Bank, which provides food to local programs throughout the country.

WANT IT: Purchase Infant Bibs ($8) or Toddler Bibs ($10) directly from Bib Bellies Bibs. Bibs for children with special needs will be available soon.

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