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Best Nursing Pillow After C-Section

Back in February, I reviewed the Cuddoozle Nursing Pillow.  I gave the pillow rave reviews back then, but I didn’t truly appreciate it until after my recent c-section.  I was able to prop the wide arms of the pillow on either arm of my glider chair and use the included Cuddoozle lumbar/neck support to prop the rest of the pillow on my knees. The memory-foam material of the Cuddoozle pillow was firm enough to actually hold baby up without putting any weight on my incision. Based on my experience, I’m marking the Cuddoozle a Momma-Gotta-Have for any new mom with a c-section.

Want It?

You can get the Cuddoozle Nursing & Bottle Feeding Pillow from One Step Ahead for $64.95. (This is the lowest price I was able to find online.) Or order direct from

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