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Get Gorgeously Green (and enter to win)

Gorgeously GreenGorgeously Green, by Sophie Uliano, is a hip new guide to making environmentally-friendly and healthy choices that fit your lifestyle.

Each chapter is a step in the process of becoming Gorgeously Green with plenty of practical and concrete suggestions. If you still need a little push, Uliano prioritizes the information so you know which simple changes will give you the mot dramatic and immediate benefits.

Written in a breezy “girlfriend” style, Gorgeously Green trims the sometimes overwhelming task of improving your life into manageable, but meaningful, steps. Also appreciated is the constant reminder that little changes can add up. Follow one small suggestion each day and you’re on your way to a more eco-chic you.

Although Uliano is obviously very intelligent and Gorgeously Green offers consistently smart advice, the tone sometimes veers a little towards the superficiality of La-La Land (Uliano is a yoga instructor in L.A.). For the most part, however, she accomplishes her goal of making the tips more accessible. Gorgeously Green isn’t aimed towards the homemade dyed in the organic wool crunchy crowd–the audience is the everyday gal who wants to go green but doesn’t want to sacrifice all glamor and convenience in the process.

There are a lot of books that talk about green living in abstract terms, or bombard you with details without any structure, but Gorgeously Green offers a clear approach with plenty of actionable tips.  For example, which organic deodorants actually work?  Which ingredients are the worse environmental and health offenders? Which appliances are leaking the most energy in your house?  Gorgeously Green has the helpful answers?

There are plenty of shopping tips, but there is also an emphasis on reducing consumption–to lighten the load on both the environment and your wallet. Plus there is information about activism and ways to spread the word now that you are committed to a greener life.

One of the strongest features of Gorgeously Green is the website access to interactive exams, printable lists, and up-to-date resources. So, when you head to the supermarket, drugstore, or even your own cabinet, you don’t have to continually flip back and forth in the book.

I’ve already taken my first step in becoming Gorgeously Green and I’m excited to continue to clean-up my house and my life for the benefit of my family and the planet.

As you begin your journey, Gorgeously Green will travel with you. The smallest baby steps can lead you along the path of a holistic approach to earth-friendly, healthy lifestyle.

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WANT IT: Pre-order Gorgeously Green: 8 Simple Steps to an Earth-Friendly Life on Amazon and save (list price $16.95; pre-order $11.53).

WIN IT: Enter to win a copy of Gorgeously Green: 8 Simple Steps to an Earth-Friendly Life by leaving us a comment with an earth-friendly tip or a question you hope this book would answer. Add your comment by 8pm EST, April 16 for your chance to win. US and Canadian shipping addresses only for this contest.

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144 Responses to "Get Gorgeously Green (and enter to win)"

  1. Bobbye F says:

    I am really glad to see some of the brands that I use move to earthfriendly products. Does anyone know of a list or how to findout what earthfriendly brands are more affordable and better for the environment than others?

  2. Suzanne Denys says:

    I compost but need to see if I am doing it right.

  3. sharon says:

    how to buy more eco friendly items, not just cleaning items or organic food, but fair trade, more natural fiber clothing…the whole shebang!

  4. Linda Russell says:

    Buy products made from recycled materials.

  5. Elizabeth M. says:

    I love this idea. This is exactly what I need to take the steps to being green. Sometimes things are scary because we just don’t know what to do. This is the elixir to that!

  6. Melanie Miller says:

    I use coffe grounds as a fertilizer and also for pest control. I use left over coffee as a rinse for my hair.

  7. kiyana says:

    Take and buy only what you need so you don’t waste!

  8. Carissa Davis says:

    I recycle plastic bags.

  9. Diane Kripp says:

    I’ve started buying concentrated laundry detergent in the smaller bottles, thinking it saves plastic waste (which I recycle anyway). But is the concentrated detergent more harmful than the saving of plastic.

  10. C Duran says:

    I try to buy things that are only in minimal packaging or at least in packaging that I can recycle

  11. Suanne Giddings says:

    We recycle, repurpose, and reuse as much as we can. We are replacing light bulbs with eco-friendly ones, using canvas bags for shopping,and pretty much of the more commmon ways to conserve. We have been using vinegar for cleaning… but UGH! The SMELL! LOL I need to find things more friendly to my nose. Thanks for sponsoring this contest!

  12. Roger Deming says:

    great book to help us all live a little wiser for those that come after us.

  13. Heather G says:

    I would like to know more about making my own bath and beauty products! Thanks for the chance!!

  14. Dawn says:

    We use the reuseable grocery bags and only buy what we can fit in the bags that we bring- keeps you from buying too much on the shopping trip too!

  15. Dee Dohler says:

    I am in poor health and on a fixed income. Are their any tips that are realistic to my circumstances.

  16. Brooke says:

    We recycle EVERYTHING we can. The kids take showers together. We buy local and organic as much as we can too. We use large cloth tote bags which we carry around all the time, particularly since in NYC, with a store on every corner, if you don’t bring your own bag, you can end up with dozens of plastic bags at the end of each week.

  17. kathleen Yohanna says:

    Someone told me that recycling plastic does more harm to the environment than just dumping it. The processing puts toxic fumes in the air. Is that true?

  18. melanie coleman says:

    I believe that drinking filtered water is a must-do and to have an airpurifer is a must have. And Plants.. got to have lots of plants, they clean the air and looking at them is so uplifting and healing!

  19. Steve says:

    We have been green for ten years now and love to see it getting more and more notice

  20. Susanne Troop says:

    I don’t know alot about green so I’m sure the book would answer alot of my questions.

  21. dorothy says:

    I would love to find a cheaper way to make solar panels

  22. kathy pease says:

    newspapers as mulch :0

  23. ~ Aliesa ~ says:

    My favorite section was the beauty one. I was using a natural moisturizer I though was pretty safe but instead turned out to be a 7 out of 10 hazard on the Cosmetic Database!

  24. I’ve heard a debate about whether cloth is really a more eco-friendly option given the amount of washing required.

  25. Ed Nemmers says:

    Are paper towels or electric hand dryers more green?

  26. Ashanti says:

    okay, so here is one tip. If you do not use your phone book. STOP ORDERING THEM. all you do is throw them away and they are not recycled. so cancel your phone book subscription

  27. Jane Hoh says:

    I’d like to learn of a way to compost without seeing an ugly pile in the backyard. My goal is 0 bags of garbage.

  28. Lily Kwan says:

    I would like shopping tips on how to buy organic food on a limited grocery budget.

  29. Heather C says:

    I want to know why it’s so expensive to be green. Yikes!

  30. sarah woods says:

    Simply put I would love one on one education to go to a grocery store and shown items that are not eco friendly both in product and design; if not so lets educate via the book giveaway. Many Thanks!!! Best of Luck to ALL who ENTER the COMTEST!!!!!!!!!

  31. Janet says:

    I would like to know more about worm composting,

  32. * * HeLeN * * says:

    I’m hoping this book will educate my neighbor and she’ll stop burning trash in her fireplace. Burning plastic stinks!

  33. Betty C says:

    I’d like to know how much electricity an appliance actually uses when it is turned off but not unplugged.

  34. Deanna says:

    I never buy water bottles anymore. They are a plague! And I recycle all those plastic bags you somehow still manage to collect even when you try to bring your own.

  35. Chi says:

    I walk whenever I can. I also take AP Environmental Science, and I love learning about global warming and the things that we are doing to the Earth.

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  38. Michelle says:

    Be Green with Envy and recycle!

  39. Debbie Berry says:

    I have become very committed to cutting back on purchasing anything that I don’t need, toxic or is totally more of a desire than a need.. I had a fundraiser for my daughter few months ago. She has been battling cancer for going on 3 years now. During the fundraiser we purchased way too many t-shirts and my basement is full of them.. So once aweek I grab a handful of t-shirts and turn them into shopping bags..I give these out to people and they are always thrilled …:) I shop at second hand stores for anything I might need, even for items that I can use for material to remake clothes for my grandchildren..I make everything and haven’t purchased gifts from a store for close to a year now…
    Another tip is that I make all my own household cleaners, toothpaste, shaving cream ,and buy all my groceries etc as local as possible …
    Keep up the good work, my youngest daughter purchased your book and loves it ..I would love to have a copy, but can’t spend the money at this time…

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  44. Adam says:

    Have you ever wondered how you could help those who are less fortunate than you?

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