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Happy Earth Day!

Mamanista's Earth Day Guide for ParentsTake some to enjoy nature today and don’t forget to give Mama Earth some love.

Try to get outside and really reconnect.

If you are stuck inside, check out some of these sites for adults and kids:

And don’t forget to check out our Earth Day Eco-Friendly Product Guide for Families, complete with eco-chic tips, earth-friendly free services, organic gifts, and coupon codes!

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  1. mm says:

    You put together some really great links for shopping GREEN every day and I just wanted to add another way to double up your green(money) towards GREEN products and at the same time… nonprofit groups such as Sierra Club or Environmental Defense Fund. It is so easy and totally fabulous, check out: Non Profits Shopping Mall choose a nonprofit group of your choice and then shop the GREEN stores. Go to GAIAM and many others!!!! I use this site all the time for on line shopping and gifts. I get to be a philanthropist each time I shop. Love it! Enjoy!!!

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