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Digging the Dyson: It Really IS Revolutionary

Dyson DC 25 Ball VacuumHere’s the truth: I love being a mama, and I enjoy cooking, but I cannot stand housework. I do not find the physical work transports my mind to a higher plane and I don’t really even feel the satisfaction of a “job well-done.” If I suddenly win the lottery tomorrow, I am getting a housekeeper.

Until that day, might I suggest using part of your tax credit for a Dyson? It may be the last vacuum you’ll ever need to buy.

After hearing friends rave about them for years, I finally got my chance to try out a Dyson vacuum cleaner–the Dyson DC 25, one of their new uprights with “Ball” technology.

Yes, it looks like a robot swallowed a volleyball, but it works like a dream. The Ball Technology means that the lightweight vacuum turns with a flick of my wrist–I’m six months’ pregnant and did not even work up a sweat.

One of my favorite features is the 16-foot telescope reach wand, which allows you to clean hard to reach places, without having to drag around a step ladder. The best part is the vacuum automatically switches the suction to the wand–no having to fumble with connections like many other vacuums. The wand even enables arachnophobes like me to eliminate cobwebs without getting too close for comfort.

If you are excited to get a new Dyson but don’t know which model to purchase, the website has a great feature to help you choose which Dyson is right for you.

Like all Dyson vacuums, the DC 25 has the cyclone technology so you won’t lose suction. I took the telescoping reach wand with the attachment to my cats’ “tree.” I have a furry, long-haired, black, shedding machine, so I can vouch for the power of this vacuum.

The is one case where it is a good thing that your appliance sucks.

WANT IT: At $399 for the Dyson DC 24 and $499 the Dyson DC 25, these vacuums are worth a splurge. You’ll get free delivery and a five year warranty. Purchase from Dyson’s Online Store, Macy’s, Target, or your local, authorized Dyson retailer.

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  1. Katie says:

    I would just like to say that Bed Bath and Beyond sometimes mails out 20% off coupons and they will honor them toward the purchase of a Dyson! I just bought the model for people with pets and was able to find it cheapest at Bed Bath and Beyond with the 20% off coupon. I love my Dyson!

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