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Grow Organically With Natural Pod

Natural Pod has one of the most unique selections of heirloom-quality, natural and organic toys, clothing, and gifts.

This Canadian-based store only stocks eco-friendly and child-safe wooden and cloth toys, organic clothing, and sustainable items, most of which are made in Canada, the USA, or Europe.

My tot checked out a few of Natural Pod’s toddler toys and pre-schooler favorites.

Poot & BoogieShe’s carrying around the Poot & Boogie Doll from their Natural and Organic Dolls section. Poot & Boogie dolls are handcrafted and natural–even the fiberfill is an eco-friendly corn-based material. And just like my little girl, these dolls are funky originals. If your child has moved on from baby dolls but you are looking for a cloth companion, these adorable dolls make perfect smiling confidants for an older toddler or pre-schooler.

Wooden House PuzzleMy little future architect enjoys building with the All-in-One House, a stacking toy. Younger toddlers, like mine, can stack the blocks. Pre-schoolers can play house…actually, my daughter tried to “sit” in the mini chair, which should give you an idea of how sturdy these wooden blocks are. All the pieces fit back together, creating a challenging puzzle for school-aged children. Natural Pod specializes in imaginative toys that grow with your children.

Wooden XylophoneAnd if she takes after her great-grandfather, she’ll need lots of musical toys, like the Auris Xylophone. This hand-sized xylophone produces magical, earthy notes. The entire family enjoys experimenting with its sounds.

We also have a soft Organic Nature-Inspired Ball from the natural baby toys for her future little brother. A soft ball can be used to tap rhythms on baby’s tummy, introduce textures, and play Organic Soft Baby Ballhand-eye coordination games. Later on the ball is perfect for indoor throwing and catching. I love that this ball is not only safe for the youngest baby, but also has a beautiful and calming nature-inspired design.

I enjoy regularly browsing Natural Pod. Because many of the toys are handcrafted, the stock changes regularly. These safe and earth-friendly toys are made to last–and you’ll want to pass them down to each new generation!

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