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Pack Smart For Trips With Baby

activityring.jpgPacking for a trip to Grandma’s House or a weekend getaway doesn’t require a carload of baby toys. Baby Mwah and I travel light with just a diaper bag, Pack & Play portable crib and his Activity Ring by Latitude Enfant.

This multi-sensory activity ring is like five or six toys in one, but it hardly takes up any space in the car. Baby Mwah loves it when I put on a puppet show using the integrated cat and mouse finger puppets or when I squeeze the yellow circle and chirp along with the bird. Baby Mwah isn’t old enough to use the finger puppets by himself yet, but his little hands can easily grasp the colorful short ribbons on the activity ring, which he appears to find fascinating. The squeaky heart, crinkle leaf and peek-a-boo mirror rattle add to the fun.

This toy is one of Baby Mwah’s favorites, but it also gets his mama’s stamp of approval since the Activity Ring, which is manufactured in France, meets both  European and American safety standards.

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