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Give a Gift That Will Delight Dad This Father’s Day

zune.jpg Traditional Father’s Day gifts like ties and wallets might be good enough for traditional 1950s dads, but what do you get a modern dad to say “Thanks for changing all of those diapers” or “I appreciate your help with nighttime feedings”? These cool dads deserve a gift as great as they are.

My husband will be getting a Microsoft Zune for Father’s Day this year that will be perfect for listening to music in the office, at the gym, and while working in the yard. Best Buy sells a 30 GB Microsoft Zune Action Bundle (exclusive to Best Buy stores). The Action Bundle comes with a sporty neoprene case with a rotating belt clip and adjustable armband for hands-free use. The belt clip is great for using at the office, and the armband is perfect for the gym.

Apple’s iPod may be the dominant music player on the market, but even the gadget geeks at CNET have declared the Zune the iPod’s equal. I like that the Zune has a built-in FM Tuner that allows you to program in up to 30 stations. This is great for checking game scores or just catching the traffic report before you head home from work. The Zune also allows you to wirelessly sync your music, which automatically keeps your collection up-to-date even if you are a busy dad.

While I still prefer the iTunes store for its wide selection of music and podcasts, I really dig the Zune Marketplace because of its subscription service. Getting access to all the songs you want for just $14.99 a month is a good deal if you like having all of the latest and greatest music on your player but want to stick to a budget.

Want It?
Get the Zune Action Bundle exclusively at Best Buy Stores ($199.99-$214.99).

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  1. Kathi says:

    what a fantastic idea! Im always stumped when fathers day comes around!this seems perfect! thanks! Kathi

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