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Australia, Where Tot Chic is Always in Season

Baobab Swing DressWhat is it about Aussie children’s designers?  They seem to capture the essence of play with just the right touch of cosmopolitan sophistication.

Designer “Mum” Belinda founded Baobab to outfit her daughter in comfortable, youthful play sets that fall solidly in the category of sweetly chic, avoiding the extremes of too cloyingly cutesy and too uncomfortably adult.

Graphic sillhouettes in appropriately childlike motifs, stripes, and beautiful bright colors make for a classic, charming children’s line.  My favorite items pair swinging children, jumping kittens, or fluttering butterflies against a field of vivid color.

Every piece is designed to move with your active child and the super-soft cotton with careful construction will have you wishing for a lounge set of your own. All baby, toddler, and children’s clothing should be this easy to wear–no child should have to sacrifice the slightest bit of comfort for fashion.

Baobab ClothingJet-setting global families will love that Boabab carries summer and winter lines all year long–and North American and European families will enjoy the deals up to 50% off of Boabab’s cold-weather clothes as it heats up down under.

Because you can easily mix and match each season’s pieces, just fill your drawer with Baobab and your toddler can dress herself in a fabulous outfit every time.

Want it?: Shop Baobab for chic, stylish, and easy-to-wear baby and children’s clothing and use coupon code MAMANISTA for an additional 15% off.

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Candace is the co-editor and co-founder of Mamanista. She is an educational consultant and writer.

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