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Clean Your Home Green in 30 Days

30 Days to NaturalConfession: I want to be green but sometimes, between family and work, it is just not at the top of my list.  I also want to keep my house cleaner, but I have little interest in tidying and even less time for it.

So, when my organization and cleaning guru (and fellow Mamanista editor), Debbie, recommends a product like Clorox Green Works that is green and clean, I want to check out it.

To find out more about having a greener home, I visited the Clorox Green Works 30 Days to Natural website.

At the site, you can print out checklists, sign up for tips, and view video diaries from real moms who take you through their 30-day journey to a greener home.

You have probably heard most of the tips before (using cold water when possible for washing, bringing reusable grocery bags for marketing, installing water filters) but it is nice to have the reminders and the encouragement.

By taking a small step towards a more eco-friendly lifestyle everyday, you can make a big difference in a manageable way.

When you think of how important it is to keep your family and the environment healthy, one small change a day for 30 days seems like an easy commitment to make.

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