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Power Nap with Pzizz

New moms are often advised to sleep when the baby sleeps. If only it were that easy. Do you know any moms who actually have the time to take a real nap? And if you do find 20 minutes to take a break, it might take you 15 minutes to fall asleep, leaving you with just 5 minutes to nap.

So when I received the press release about Pzizz, which claims to “clear your brain, improve focus, lower stress and let you get on with your day by helping you take a short performance break,” I was curious. I received a free code to test the Pzizz software, which sells for $49.95 at

There were two modules: the Energizer Module for Power Naps and the Sleep Module. I tested the Energizer Module and selected a 20 minute nap length. Every time you use it, Pzizz creates a unique soundtrack by combining words, sounds and music. (Click here to read how this works.)

After exporting the soundtrack to my iPOD, I put my feet up and attempted to take a nap. I heard nature sounds, music and guided meditation suggestions in a calm voice. Pzizz reminded me of the meditation I used to do prior to some yoga classes with the chimes and new age-y music playing in the background while the yoga teacher instructed us to breathe deeply. While I didn’t fall into a deep sleep, I was able to relax deeply while listening to the Pzizz soundtrack. When the alarm sounded at the end of my 20 minute “Power Nap,” I felt refreshed.

If you’re curious to see if Pzizz would work for you, you can try a demo version of the software for free at

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