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Deal of the Day: Bravado Nursing Bras on Sale

You can get great deals on breastfeeding essentials at Nursing Mother Supplies! Owned and operated by a mom and certified lactation consultant, Nursing Mother Supplies offers excellent customer service.

When my son was born in April, Jen (the owner) helped me pick out just the right bras and breastpump accessories. I knew I liked the Bravado Original Nursing Bra (see full review here) since I’d originally purchased some from figleaves for $45 each to use as maternity bras during my pregnancy.

After baby was born and I started breastfeeding, I discovered that I needed A LOT more bras. (Why don’t any of the experts tell you that in advance when you might actually have time to shop?)

I didn’t want to venture out to the mall, so I did my shopping online. I found the Bravado Original Nursing Bra for just $31.50 at Nursing Mother Supplies! That was the best price available on the Bravado Original Nursing Bra (more than $10 cheaper than figleaves). I emailed the owner (Jen), who suggested that I also try the Bravado Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra since her other customers liked it so much.

At $44.10, the Body Silk was more expensive than the original Bravado Nursing Bra, but Jen was selling it for so much less than her competitors. I just couldn’t resist trying it. I’m glad I did. I love love love this bra…and bought five of them.

The fabric felt so wonderful– like one of those expensive Victoria’s Secret bras. And the bra looked similar to a normal bra rather than a frumpy nursing bra. The Body Silk Nursing Bra is underwire-free (as recommended by doctors and lactation consults), but it still provided great support. As a working mom, I appreciated the removable molded foam cups, which seamlessly hid nursing pads and enabled me to wear silk blouses and snug-fitting sweaters without fear during business meetings.

If you’re a nursing mom and looking for great deals on bras, nursing tanks and other breastfeeding essentials, check out Nursing Mother Supplies for products hand-picked by a mom and breastfeeding expert. 

Want the Bravado Bras featured on Mamanista? Click her to shop for Bravado Nursing Bras at Nursing Mother Supplies. For a limited time, there’s a 99 cent shipping special.

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