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Deal of the Day: Free Online Diet Plans and Fitness Tips

I’ve written before about how much I liked eDiets (click here for a full review). But if you want to lose weight or just eat healthier and don’t want to pay the monthly fee for eDiets, try  

I recently joined SparkPeople. It’s free because the people who started it were early eBay employees and made a bunch of money. SparkPeople offers many of the eDiet features I loved: nutrition tracker, fitness plans and an online community for motivation.

eDiets offers more personalized service (access to nutritionists and personal trainers is included in the monthly fee), but I’m so busy that I never had time to use those services anyhow. I consider it a good day if I remember to log in to track what I ate and to record my daily exercise.

SparkPeople also owns BabyFit, which provides free fitness and nutrition tips for pregnant women and new moms.

Since both SparkPeople and BabyFit are free, these sites are a great resource for people looking to get fit without spending a lot of money to join a gym or a weight loss program.

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