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Wabi Sabi: Finding Grace in the Ordinary

Wabi SabiChildren already appreciate the simple beauty of the ordinary, so Wabi Sabi will just feel right.

Beautifully illustrated with collages of torn paper, found objects, and natural materials, Wabi Sabi follows the eponymous kitty on a journey to find the meaning of his name. Along the way he discovers that wabi sabi is “hard to explain” but easy to be.

Ordinary, imperfect, and beautiful, like tea in a plain wooden bowl, Wabi Sabi finds himself comfortably at home in his own being–a life-affirming message for children as they grow.

The audience is 4-8, so I was not sure how much my two and a half year old got from our reading.  So, I asked her if she enjoyed the book and why: “The cat he is happy. Because him have a name. He name is Wabi Sabi. Him name makes him happy.” Which is at least as evocative of a review as what I wrote.

Young pre-readers wil enjoy the playful rhythm of the story and the captivating pictures. School-aged children will find inspiration in the idea of wabi sabi.

With the sweet story, the delightfully off-kilter artwork and lighthearted haiku of Wabi Sabi create a charming experience for the reader.

Want It: Wabi Sabi by Mark Reibstein ($11.55 at Amazon; $11.89 at Barnes and Noble).

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  1. Janelle says:

    Been wanting to read this one. Looks good.

  2. Like the smart Marshal Foch quote – “None but a coward dares to boast that he has never known fear.”.

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