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Winter Wonderland Readings

Here are two enchanting additions to your library for cozy winter readings by the fireside: Winter Trees and The Snow Queen.

Winter Trees, by Carole Gerber and Leslie Evans is a strikingly gorgeous look at the silhouettes of trees in the winter.

Graphic illustrations accented with mat silver accompany poetic descriptions of the trunks, branches, and leaves of winter trees. The jaunty rhyming text transforms the commonplace into the magical.

Read this future classic, suitable for preschoolers through elementary school, and then head outside on a crisp day on your own winter’s stroll with your child.

A stunning new edition of Hans Christian Andersen’s The Snow Queen combines a faithful and graceful translation with romantic and exquisite illustrations to create a treasure of a book for young school-aged children.

If you enjoyed Hans Christian Andersen tales as a child, you will delight in reading this fantastic story with your child.  The tale itself places the Snow Queen, rational, precise, and beautiful, but cold, in competition with Gerda, warm, sweet and innocent, for the heart of Kay, a daring and intelligent young boy.  It is Gerda’s loyalty, faith and hope that steers her through a series of dangerous trials as she sets off to find Kay in the Snow Queen’s icy palace.  Gerda’s power “comes from her own heart, from her being a dear and innocent child.”

Parents of Christian faith will especially appreciate the allegory but I believe that readers young and old will find truth and beauty in this tale of a young girl’s adventure and the love that sees her safely through.

Two winter tales to add to your collection–Winter Trees, in which the natural world becomes an ethereal wonderland, and The Snow Queen, in which a child’s love triumphs over awesome and terrible supernatural forces.

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