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Kill Germs and Dust Mites with the Oreck Halo

Tests have shown that there are more germs on household floor surfaces than on toilet seats, kitchen counters and bathroom tiles combined. While exposure to some germs may help build children’s immune systems, allergens like mold, dust mites are a leading trigger of allergy and asthma systems in both children and adults. Regular vacuums alone– even those with HEPA filters– can’t kill the dust mites. Since carpet can contain as many as 100,000 dust mites per … Read entire article »

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How to Do Less Laundry

I’ll admit that I was unprepared for the amount of laundry just one small, drooling baby can create. I never imagined that I’d be doing so many loads of laundry. BonnBonn Baby’s special fabric has reduced my laundry burden by keeping baby’s crib sheets, bibs and onesies dry and fresh-smelling– reducing the number of sheet and outfit changes needed on a daily basis. BonnBonn Baby is the only baby line to use EcoFresh certified antimicrobial protection with … Read entire article »

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Win Tickets to Dora the Explorer Live at Radio City Music Hall!

Win Tickets to Dora the Explorer Live at Radio City Music Hall!

We have another great giveaway for our Mamanista readers who are in or traveling to the New York area. You can win a Family Four Pack of Tickets to see Dora the Explorer Live! at Radio City Music Hall in New York City. Dora is easy to love: she’s sweet, smart, and fun.  Plus she teaches positive values, problem solving, and appreciation for different cultures. Come on! Vámonos! Nickelodeon’s Dora the Explorer returns to the stage … Read entire article »

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A Happy Belly is a Happy Baby!

A Happy Belly is a Happy Baby!

I’m buying more organic these days, especially after finding out how those big brands high fructose their corn syrup. Organic is healthier for the earth and healthier for baby.  Besides, organic just tastes better. Encouraged by my crunchiest friends, I experimented with making my own baby food and snacks…an endeavor which I quickly abandoned when I realized that motherhood did not actually increase the number of hours in my day. There are some good organic baby foods, … Read entire article »

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Put a Spring in Your Step!

Put a Spring in Your Step!

Not spring yet where you live? Me neither.  I can’t wait, especially now that my little girl has these adorable Cameron Sky sandals from See Kai Run. Sweetly chic, See Kai Run creates shoes that I might wear on a more playful occasion if only they came in my size. This spring season there’s candy apple and teal green and lipstick pink for the girls and a softer shade of moss to accent the navy and brown … Read entire article »

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Deal of the Day: Affordable Breastpump Parts

It’s tough to find replacement values, membranes, tubing, personal fit breastshields in various sizes, replacement AC adaptors, cleaning supplies and other parts for Medela and Ameda breastpumps. Nursing Mother Supplies has great prices on hard-to-find parts, and shipping is an affordable flat rate ($4.95) no matter how much you buy. Shop for Medela Breastpump Parts and Accessories at Nursing Mother Supplies. … Read entire article »

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Scat Like That!

Scat Like That!

For kids, scatting is a natural creative outlet–made-up words with a bouncy rhythm? Sure! Two books provide children a great entry into this surprisingly sophisticated jazz form: When Louis Armstrong Taught Me Scat ($11.50) is moving, grooving story about a little girl who dances to jazz with her mother before going to bed with her mother. At night, Louis Armstrong appears in her dream and helps her compose a bubble gum scat. The hip illustrations, … Read entire article »

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Allergy-Free Sleep Solutions: Win a Protect-A-Bed Cover

Do your allergies get worse when you’re cleaning or when you go to bed? Do you wake up in the morning with a sinus headache and stuffy nose? If so, you probably are allergic to dust mites. I’m allergic to dust mites, so I do my best to keep my house clean and free of dust. Since my symptoms were always the worst in the morning, I wasn’t surprised to learn that allergen-infested mattresses and pillows were the problem. Apparently, … Read entire article »

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Reminder: Toy Fair!

I’ll be at Toy Fair this afternoon, vlogging with Flip’s MinoHD and tweeting with Peek mobile e-mail device (more about the awesomeness of these tech gadgets later). Come along for the ride and there will be PRIZES! Here’s what you need to do to be eligible: Follow: @mamanista on Twitter. Share: Click here to send this message on Twitter by February 15, 4pm EST (@mamanista is tweeting #ToyFair Sunday Feb 15  – follow for FUN and PRIZES #contest). Watch: … Read entire article »

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“The Help” Book Review

“The Help” Book Review

Some books are so good that I’ll stay awake all night to finish reading them. The Help is one of those books. It also happens to be one of the best fiction books I’ve read about race relations and the birth of the civil rights movement. Set in rural Mississippi during the 1960s, the book mentions Martin Luther King Jr.’s march, the death of Medgar Evers, the Freedom Riders, the integration of the University of Mississippi by James Meredith, the sit-ins … Read entire article »

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