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Wii MySims Party Game Review


MySims Party for the Nintendo Wii will keep your young kids entertained. Play individually or against up to 3 other players. Compete against each other as you play 50 different mini-games.

The arcade-style games, like many Wii games, are more physical than typical videogames. For example, one game involves outrunning a robot. Others include flipping bacon and extreme snowboarding.

The variety of games will appeal, and the short amount of time required to play a mini-game is ideal for younger children.  MySims Party will appeal to kids who enjoyed the Wii Littlest Pet Shop Game. Both MySims and the Littlest Pet Shop allow kids to select characters (either MySims or pets) to play a series of mini-games. In both games, playing the mini-games earns points towards purchasing items for your MySims or pets.

One major difference between MySims Party and the Littlest Pet Shop Game is the “party” concept.  MySims Party is more fun when you play with others. The goal is to get a group of friends (or siblings) together to play the mini-games.  Since the Wii is such an active game system, your kids will burn off energy running in place, throwing, shaking and moving in order to complete the game challenges.

Adults and older kids will quickly tire of this game, but the MySims Party is entertaining and fun for young children who will enjoy earning points and buying items for their MySims avatars. It is an affordable and family-friendly option for the Nintendo Wii, and the variety of games will please young players.

MySims Party is available for $29.99 at Amazon as well as many toy and game stores.

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