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What Else is in My Frigidaire Refrigerator? A BIG Heart!

Frigidaire Jennifer Garner and Save the Children Frigidaire promises that their appliances will give you back more “me” time.  Even better, let’s make that some “we” time.

Jennifer Garner, Frigidaire celebrity spokesperson (and awesome mom, despite having totally stolen the name Violet from me), are teaming up in support of Save the Children.

They are urging Moms to use the time we gain when we turn the clocks back on November 1st to make CHANGE for children.

Save the Children created the CHANGE program (Creating Healthy, Active, and Nurturing Growing-up Environments) to promote healthier lifestyles for children living in poverty by providing nutritious snacks and regular opportunities for children to be physically active.

If you visit the Make Time for Change website you can pledge your time, today.

How is Frigidaire saving me time?

  • My refrigerator has tons of room and is very organized so I spend less time rearranging to fit things in or search for needed ingredients.
  • The dishwasher has a quick wash setting and is so effective it has reduced my handwashing.
  • The dryer has the same approximate run time as the washer so I don’t have to wait between loads.
  • The oven has a quick pre-heat so I don’t have to wait too long to start cooking or baking.

Tell Frigidaire how you’ll spend that extra hour with your child and you’ll even have a chance to win the Frigidaire Professional Double Wall Oven.

Already, I’ve been able to use that time to volunteer extra hours collecting books for my county’s health clinic and making more crafts with my daughter and her friends.

Now that I’m a mom, nothing is more valuable to me than my time–whether it is a stolen moment for myself, more time playing with my kids, or sharing my time with my community.

Disclaimer: I am a Frigidaire Test Drive Mom and received a suite of appliances for review from Frigidaire & Mom Central.  Frigidaire does not dictate the content of these posts and the words and opinions expressed are my own unless otherwise indicated.

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