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Home, Home on the Range

frigidaire-range-microwaveThe last of the sweet suite of Frigidaire appliances I received distinguishes itself with its intuitive features. Actually, this is two appliances: the Range and the mounted Microwave.  Like the rest of the Gallery appliances, the range and microwave look sharp.  Even more importantly, they have a large number of time-saving  and convenient options.

My favorite features are the ones that heat things up quickly–the quick pre-heat on the stove and the quick boil.  I don’t use the microwave for cooking very much, but I like the soften/melt and the sensor defrost buttons.

Concentric circles on the cook top allow even heating of pots small, medium, and large.  A fifth burner is perfect for keeping soups or water for tea warm. The flat cook top is also easy to clean.

The oven has three wire racks, one of which opens with the door, a real handy feature.  Another rack has one removable side, allowing more flexibility and making it easier to prepare large meals.

I do not rely too much on the one-push settings for the oven–we do not make too many chicken nuggets–but they are handy for me with the microwave.  I could probably be just fine with fewer features and a more streamlined set of possibilities but there are a few conveniences that really come in handy for me.

The oven and cook top heat up more quickly than my earlier appliances, which definitely saves me time.  And while there are a lot of options, the intuitive design makes choosing the right settings simple.

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