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New Directions

(Yes, I’m missing new episodes of Glee.)

Your faithful Mamanista editors have been busy with professional and family obligations but we are are looking forward to a fabulous 2010 with you, our readers and friends.

When we started Mamanista almost three years ago, we were among a handful of blogs reviewing children’s products and baby gear. After advising friends and random strangers in the mall about baby gear, we thought a blog would be a fun way to write it all down in one place. Plus, we could raise money for children’s charities and meet new friends. Since then, our blog, mom blogging, and the entire blog-o-sphere, have all grown by leaps and bounds.  We’ve dropped some features and added others. We’ve become more focused on our charitable work and have had the opportunity to get to know a lot of thoughtful and talented bloggers.

After thousands of posts, we want to know, how are we doing? What do you enjoy here? What would you like to see us add? Please take this poll and feel free to leave other comments on this post.

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Candace is the co-editor and co-founder of Mamanista. She is an educational consultant and writer.

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