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HappyMELTS Make Baby Happy

We’re fans of the HAPPYBABY philosophy.  Delicious, organic, nutrient-packed baby foods.  HAPPYBABY partners with the eminent Dr. Robert Sears and dietician Amy Marlow to produce food that you can be confident about sharing with your baby.

Now they have come up with HAPPYMELTS, an organic, freeze-dried, yogurt snack, which is a great for toddlers if you can pry it out of mom’s hands.

I’m serious.  I ate half the bag.

The people at HAPPYBABY assure me that HAPPYMELTS are low in sugar and high in protein and are the only baby food fortified with prebiotics and probiotics.

They are also yummy in a big way.

My kids gobble up yogurt every day but I have never been much of a fan until now.  These little bites are addictive.  My favorite flavor is the banana-mango and my 18 month-old son agrees.  My three year-old daughter is partial to the mixed berry and the strawberry.

They do stick to your teeth a little but an extra session with a toothbrush seems like a small price to pay for a delicious on-the-go treat that delivers so much nutrition.

Toddlers can be finicky eaters, devouring everything on their plates one day and then refusing to sit still for meals for several days straight.  Healthy snacks like HappyMELTS can help end food power struggles and power your baby up for a full day of play.

WANT IT: Right now your should look for Happy Melts at your local natural food market or at one of the many retailers that carry the brand. Expect to see Happy Melts ($3.20) soon at the Amazon Grocery–buy in bulk and get free shipping!

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