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A Big Safety Booster: Britax Frontier Car Seat

We’re happier than ever with our Britax seats now that we’ve seen them in action, keeping our children safe.  Not only is Britax’s safety record impeccable, the company is a leader in increasingly high weight limits at each stage and configuration.

Even once you make the decision to face your child forward, the Britax Frontier (MSRP $279.99) combination harness-to-booster with “True Side Impact Protection” will keep her safe and secure in a five-point harness.  The earlier model Frontier seat we reviewed can accommodate a child between 25 and 80 pounds with a five-point harness and between 40 and 100 pounds as a vehicle seat belt-positioning booster.  And Britax has just released the Frontier 85, which pushes those limits up to 85 pounds in the five point harness and between 40-120 pounds in the booster seat.

Britax has some fancy-sounding innovations, including their “anthropometrically correct fit”. In layman’s the seat adjusts to body shape and is appropriately proportioned for its preschool passengers.

The Frontier also offers “True Side Impact Protection” because one in four car crashes that involve children occur from the side, and these crashes result in more injuries than front or rear crashes.

But all the super safety features are only effective if the seat is installed properly and used every single time.  Britax takes ease-of-use and comfort seriously and considers them to be part of the safety features–because a seat that is simple and comfortable will be used properly and consistently.

Our resident car seat installer, my husband, says that with its color-coded belt guides, this is the easiest car seat he’s handled to date.  Admiring his handiwork, I did notice the installation is especially solid.

My daughter is a fan, too.  The seat sits a little lower, making it easier for her to climb in.  I’ve noticed a reduction in the whine-related noise-pollution, too–my daughter now feels more “comfy” in her seat because the buckle between the legs is adjustable and gives her more room.

Plus, with two retractable cup and snack holders, my daughters “big girl seat” is just like mom and dad’s. The removable, washable cover, is perfect for when your child is having so much fun reading signs she forgets she needs the potty or eats a few too many road trip snacks right before getting in the car.  Everything designed for young children should be washable.

Since the seat is so comfortable, I plan on keeping my daughter in the Frontier until she starts outgrowing the seat’s limits.

When my children are comfortable and safe, I’m a more relaxed parent…and a better driver.

WANT IT: This review is for the Britax Frontier but the newer Britax Frontier 85 ($279) has the same features with more belt positions and higher weight limits.

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Candace is the co-editor and co-founder of Mamanista. She is an educational consultant and writer.

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