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Enter the Dragon’s Lair

Playmobil Dragon Land Castle Consumer PhotographIf your children dream of dragons, then the Playmobil Dragon Land set will top their lists this holiday season.

Playmobil understands the way children play. My husband and I still remember hours of rainy-day fun with our Playmobil sets (and our grateful parents do, too).

The Playmobil Dragon’s Land Great Dragon Castle set is another winner. With Playmobil’s characteristic attention to detail, there are plenty of nooks and crannies for kids to explore.  The set has a trapdoor and dungeon plus a spooky-looking hinged door, a falling stone, ballista, and a glow in the dark skeleton.  And don’t forget the giant red dragon you can pose and use to lay siege to the castle.

playmobil dragon land partsObviously, purists will have already noticed this is not a historically accurate medieval age–this is more of the Renfaire / Sci-Fi channel version.  However, it will get your children excited to learn more about castles and encourage lots of  imaginative play.

Of course,  there are lots of small pieces (not suitable for the youngest children) that must be set-up. However, my husband declared this one of the easiest Playmobil set-ups he’s done.

I took a picture of the set with my (tall for her age) four year old daughter because the commercial product photographs do not do justice to the castle.

We also like the 3-D play possibilities that keep our two kids interacting with a minimum of shoving.

Most importantly, the Playmobil Dragon’s Land Great Dragon Castle will keep your children, or, oh, say, your husband, out of your hair for at least an hour.

WANT IT: Playmobil Dragon’s Land Great Dragon Castle ($155 direct from the Playmobil site) or Amazon ($165) or your favorite specialty toy retailer. Just buy soon because this one is going to sell out well before the Holidays.

We love this set so much, we’ll be giving one away in November–watch for details!

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    My grandson would love the trap door and falling rock!

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