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Sew Sweet Sammies

Reusable Sandwich BagBack-to-School does not have to mean back to old habits. If you’ve made a pledge to be more eco-friendly, check out the Sammie and Snackie Sacks from Sew Sweet. These are reusable bags for you and/or your little one to bring snacks and sandwiches to and from work and school.

The velcro won’t let any snacks escape and is easy for little hands to open and close… there’s no “zipper” you need to press just right and no edge that just won’t come undone. You can even use it like a placemat!

Mompreneur and indie artisan, Meg explains, “You will use these sacks again and again, saving you money and sanity since you won’t run out! Just brush out the crumbs or throw it in the wash. Made with adorable prints you and your child will love and unbleached cotton lining to keep any unwanted inks and chemicals away from your food.”

Meg is wonderful with getting fabric that she knows you and your little one will love.

My daughter has been taking these to school for her lunch and snacks. The larger sammie snack easily fits a sandwich and a juice box. The snackies are perfect for her afternoon snacks. We usually put in fruit snacks or raisins, along with a drink. And of course my daughter loves the personal design made just for her!

WANT IT: Sammie and Snackie Set ($10) at Sew Sweet

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