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Jishaku – What a Twist!

JishakuI was a bit leery about even showing another game to my kids who, at the ripe old age of 12 and 13, bore easily.

So, I was completely shocked when I brought out the Jishaku box and heard from one of their friends,”Oh, I love that game.” Another one of their friends added,”That’s the game I asked my mom to get from Lainie’s Way [a local toy store].”

Jishaku is a classic strategy game with a twist…there are several variations of play but all are complicated by the magnetic properties of the hematite pieces. Just when one player is in the lead, their pieces suddenly leap together and the front-runner is now trailing the other players. The instructions are so easy that the kids were able to dive right in–but mastering the magnets is not so simple.

The intensity of the game was apparent throughout the time that they played.  It held their interest, challenged them to think, and maybe even taught them something about patience.  This game is definitely something that meets the needs of today’s teenagers.

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